From the Many Splintered Minds

Lörd Matzigkeitus

It's not often that I use a term like "insanity" for a release since SILENCER. […]
By Jorge Zamudio
June 12, 2019
Lörd Matzigkeitus - From the Many Splintered Minds album cover

It's not often that I use a term like "insanity" for a release since SILENCER. Despite trying my best for something else, I just couldn't find another word for it. For sure, I didn't just simply use it because I'm just a lazy black metalhead. I went on to research bands like DIABOLUS AMATOR,  THE BLACK SORCERY or THE PROJECTIONIST, and although this is something done previously, re-rerecorded over the course of many projects, over many occasions, LöRD MATZIGKEITUS has done something here that's really, really good. It's not something that will manage to redefine an era, but it will get you through until something else, and by far that is something that I love.

First of all, about the vocals... The vocals here are really varied, with an extreme variation between ranges. From guttural growls, to harsh screams; sometimes even on the same song. It really brings comparisons to bands like SIGH, or even the modern DARkTHRONE. I don't want to analyze this album track by track for one single reason: It is unethically to me do it so. Because this album has so many, many mixtures, many atmospheres, and many rhythms, it's really likely a waste of time doing it in that way. You see, this release mixes a lot of black metal elements, but in every part as well, it's introducing death metal moments, as well as other styles of extreme meta. This is  is probably one of those releases where you can find all you want, as an extreme fan.

I love the variety, and I really loved this album. Probably the only thing I wanted to be improved is the production. I didn't sense the intention of necessarily making it sound raw, but it is probably a little step back of quality. Overall, it's probably something all that important, but I wanted to point it out regardless. If the insanity is with you and you want to give a feast, for it. Go into this album. Enjoy, lose your mind, and you'll probably find that you'll be wanting more and more.

8 / 10









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"From the Many Splintered Minds" Track-listing:

1. Unsilent Plotting
2. Unmarred in Dungeon Traverse
3. Nightmares Woven Upon the Day
4. Spite...Placation
5. Doctors
6. Answer
7. Unbreathing Countdown to Suicide
8. Toys
9. Peristalsic
10. It Talks Through Him
11. Everlurk the Final Hour

Lörd Matzigkeitus Lineup:

Dan Couch - Music
Kane Nelson - Vocals

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