Wilderness of Hearts

Lord Fist

LORD FIST are from Finland and they play classic Twin guitar driven Heavy Metal, much […]
December 14, 2020
Lord Fist - Wilderness of Hearts album cover

LORD FIST are from Finland and they play classic Twin guitar driven Heavy Metal, much in the vein of many NWoBHM bands of the past like ANGEL WITCH, ELIXIR, and of course MAIDEN, but also sit nicely alongside the newer "new wave" bands like ABSOVA, AIRFORCE and KAINE etc.
Formed in 2011 and with an EP and another LP under their belt, "Wilderness Of Hearts", is LORD FIST's supposed "difficult" second album.  And now worries on that count, they have produced a riff-tastic, yet melodic album of Heavy Metal songs.

There is nothing really new and innovative on display here, but hey it doesn't matter.  The music sticks closely to the structure and style laid down, what now feels like eons ago, by their forebears, and hopefully will carry on forever.  That said LORD FIST do so with a lightness of touch, which belies the name, and ear for melody some proponents of the genre lack.  The songs are built upon hard and intricate rhythms laid down by bass and drums and a lightness and clarity of the vocals, but it is the twin guitars that are the stars of the piece.

From the get go with "First Morning - Collapse" their manifesto is writ large, and fast.  The pace throughout, whilst never drifting into speed Metal territory, power along at a decent lick and plenty of riffs.  The album feels like a real old school affair, coming in under 40 minuets, like vinyl albums were back in the day, but still manages to pack in some decent punches and interesting moments.  For example the little guitar cameo "Moonhalo" is cool, and the following tune "Sisters" is almost punky in delivery in the same way quite a few NWoBHM bands were.

In a case of saving the best till last, title track "Wilderness Of Hearts" is an excellent track, that showcases all that is good about the record, the band and indeed the genre. The brevity of the album works very much in its, less in this case is more, as it leaves you wanting more, rather than feel bloated and full.  Great collection of Melodic Classic Metal.

8 / 10









"Wilderness of Hearts" Track-listing:

1. First Morning - Collapse (3:10)
2. Arkona Cross II (4:03)
3. Wings Drawn in Our Minds (3:25)
4. Flying Over Tiprinith (4:07)
5. Moonhalo (Instrumental) (0:48)
6. Sisters (3:38)
7. Princess of the Red Flame (3:38)
8. Aurorae (3:15)
9. Tigers of Snow (4:09)
10. Wilderness of Hearts (4:19)

Lord Fist Lineup:

Perttu Koivunen - Vocals & Guitars
Niko Kolehmainen - Guitars
Pekka Lampinen - Bass
Eetu Orbinski - Drums

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