The Black Curse

Lord Belial

The new album of LORD BELIAL continues in the same standards that the majority of […]
By Yiannis Doukas
September 15, 2008
Lord Belial - The Black Curse album cover

The new album of LORD BELIAL continues in the same standards that the majority of Sweden's so-called Black Metal bands have used us to. Some SLAYER riffing with many, many melodic parts, like ABBA together with plastic producing. Well, this story continues here, and that's another reason why I believe that only NIFELHEIM can bring the Armageddon in this scene; include also the last really good album from MARDUK. And all these are sad because this land unleashed the first Black Metal band and probably the best, BATHORY.
You can criticize this album from two different points of view. The first is to consider it as Black Metal music, which leads you to very bad results since not only you realize the complete absence of such feelings inside but also you notice easily that putting together fast riffing, a monotonous soulless vocals with Power Metal riffs and some solo has an incongruous final sound. Besides, the bad production (I'm talking about the destructive computerized drumming, especially in the blast parts) drives you out of any Metal satisfaction, since it looks like everything is played by machines and not humans.
The other view is just to say that you'll consider them as a Metal band perfect for some gigs, a company for some beer drinking and having some headbanging. Unfortunately, they are failing in this part too, the majority of the songs are so boring that looks a very difficult task to hear the whole album without giving a yawn. The best parts in this record can be the first track that starts with a nice addictive riff and a fast one almost thrashy in Trumpets Of Doom, although the last one starts with a pop idea. And the worst? It has a piano part that is a copy right from DIMMU HAMBURGER! And I am not talking about the rest. For example, songs like Sworn and Inexorable Retribution look so romantic and melodic that only STRATOVARIUS fans can stand it. Sorry, but when I'm hearing such things and above them a guy who screams for Satan's glory, it makes me laugh.
Anyway, I respect the fact they still continue showing that they are devoted to their art and for this reason I'll give them some points below but I have a complete different image of Black Metal. At least I hope that in a further album where this luxury whimpy production will not be present.

4 / 10

Nothing special

"The Black Curse" Track-listing:

Pazuzu - Lord Of Fevers And Plague
Trumpets Of Doom
Inexorable Retribution
Antichrist Reborn
Primordial Incantation
Devilish Enlightenment
Ascension Of Lilith
Unorthodox Catharsis
Soul Gate

Lord Belial Lineup:

Thomas Backelin - Guitars, Vocals
Anders Backelin - Bass
Micke Backelin - Drums
Niclas Andersson - Lead Guitars

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