Year One

Longest War

LONGEST WAR is a Hardcore act based out of Buffalo, New York, USA. I believe […]
October 3, 2016
Longest War - Year One album cover

LONGEST WAR is a Hardcore act based out of Buffalo, New York, USA. I believe this is a re-issue of their debut album, which contains seven tracks. The Hardcore genre is long known to champion political and religious themes in their music, and judging by the song titles, that seems to be the case here as well. "Adam's Broken Rib" leads off the album. This is minimalist Hardcore for sure. The main riff is based on the low E and the vocals are shouted as per the style. This is the kind of song for an anger outlook, plain and simple. "Original Six" started off a little quicker in pace but maintains the same riff chord base. Although one doesn't usually expect much diversity on this style, so far this is very homogenous. "Personal Armageddon" once again follows a very linear path, though the one riff change is fairly interesting. There is no doubt that the brutal element of this style is very present.

"Our Mother" could literally be a continuation of the previous track. There is very little devlation. There is a breakdown of sorts that takes the track to its close. Not surprisingly, "Fad Busters" begins on the low E chord again. The album is really starting to blur together at this point. "Breathing Brings out the Worst in" starts on a higher riff but quickly settles back to the familiar. There isn't even a chance of hearing anything out of the ordinary here. "We're Only Temporary" closes the album, in continuation. For what I believe is their debut album, it sounds like they were only interested in establishing a tight identity with their songs. Perhaps later work hears them stretch out some more. I sincerely hope so, because there is unfortunately little here to get excited about, and it is an utterly forgettable piece of work.

4 / 10

Nothing special








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"Year One" Track-listing:

1. Adam's Broken Rib
2. Original Six
3. Personal Armageddon
4. Our Mother
5. Fad Busters
6. Breathing Brings out the Wost in
7. We're only Temporary

Longest War Lineup:

Chris Logan - Vocals
Rob Antonucci - Guitar
Matt Dente - Guitar
Brian Fligger - Bass
Mike Jeffers - Drums

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