Unholy Paradise


Finally the second album of the French band reached my hands. At last I will […]
By Alex Farmakis
June 3, 2004
Lonewolf - Unholy Paradise album cover

Finally the second album of the French band reached my hands. At last I will have the honor of introducing Lonewolf to the world. Most people who listen to Heavy Metal don't know about them and that is unfair for Lonewolf but also for themselves.
Lonewolf play pure Heavy Metal and their work is absolutely great. Heavy Metal to the bone! There are only a few bands now that sound like them and that's what makes them a unique band. They play Heavy Metal as it was played 20 years ago.
"Unholy Paradise is surely better than their first album "March Into The Arena and it sounds more epic. Their basic influence is Running Wild, but I also think there are a few influences  from Powercrue and Stormwarrior. Only a few bands today have the guts to play pure,  rough, Heavy Metal with no melodic keyboards at all, with no "made of silk vocals or a crystal production.
The vocals on this album are rough and it makes it sound even wilder. The drums sound like a bombardment and the guitars as razorblades that cut you to the bone. I'm glad that there's another band playing this music the way that it should be played. The 80's are back and no one can stop the march of the heavy metal warriors!
I must add that when they came to Greece for a live performance I didn't manage to see them. I regret this every time I listen to their music. I hope that I'll see them live sometime in the near future.
I suggest this album to everyone who wants to claim he's a Heavy Metal fan. Everyone who likes crystal clear productions, melodic violins and keyboards should listen to it just for one time at least. If he doesn't like it, he can continue listening to his serenades. All the others will find a new hope for Heavy Metal in this band.

8 / 10


"Unholy Paradise" Track-listing:

Stronger Than Evil (Pagan Glory Pt. 2)
Wild And Free
Snake In Eden
Behind The Cross
Unholy Paradise
Medieval Witchcraft
Erik The Red

Lonewolf Lineup:

Felix Borner - Drums
Damien Capolongo - Lead Guitar
Jens Borner - Guitar & Vocals
Dryss Boulmedais - Bass & Backing Vocals

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