LONERIDER is an all star band of sorts, with members coming from BAD COMPANY, FM, […]
By Cullen Balbridge
June 5, 2019
Lonerider - Attitude album cover

LONERIDER is an all star band of sorts, with members coming from BAD COMPANY, FM, IAN GILLAN, THUNDER and STEVE WASH. "Attitude" is said to carry on the flavor of FM and BAD COMPANY. That tells me I'm getting ready to hear some blues, no frills Rock 'N Roll. "My Imagination" breaks out with a were coming to get you guitars, bass lines are simple but clear, with the drums following along. "Lonerider" is a song that enforces what I expected, The blues influence is shining through in this song, I'm already ready to suggest you purchase this album if any of the band's mention above is in your collection. "Hard Heart To Break" is a song that brings the heartbreak the blues is known for, I'm loving the guitars in this song, the song tugs on your heart if you ever had a broken heart. "Fast Train" is a song about growing up in a small town where everybody knows about everybody's business and getting out of there as fast as you can. "Wanted Man" is the song I was personally waiting to get to and it did not let me down, it is a BAD COMPANY influenced song without a doubt, it takes a page straight from the "10 From 6" album.

"Yesterday Heroes" is a song that is rumored to be about Steve Overland's brother, it seems that in his mind they was set to conquer the world together but his brother left FM in the early years. "Angel Without Wings" is a song about living your life in a manner that your not happy with and being ready for a change. Rock 'N Roll Dreamer" has cool acoustic guitar thing going on, it is another story about life and dreaming of becoming a rock star as a kid. "One In A Million" comes in with a strong guitar riff, it's a love song that's telling his woman how he appreciates her and how he feels about her. "Gimme Your Love" is another song about change and asking your significant other to come along. This is a great album if you was ever into FM and BAD COMPANY, Buy It. I've seen BAD COMPANY several times and it was always a great show and I'm willing to bet it will be the same with LONERIDER.

10 / 10









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"Attitude" Track-listing:

1. My Imagination
2. Lonerider
3. Hard Heart To Break
4. Fast Train
5. Wanted Man
6. Yesterday Heroes
7. Angel Without Wings
8. Rock 'N Roll Dreamer
9. One In A Million
10. Gimme Your Love
11. Rhythm Of Life
12. Heart And Soul

Lonerider Lineup:

Steve Overland - Vocals
Steve Morris - Guitars, Keyboards
Brian J Anthony - Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Percussion
Chris Childs - Bass
Simon Kirke - Drums

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