LIZARDIA is a Heavy Rock band from Volos, Greece.  To date they have released a […]
February 13, 2014
Lizardia - Lizardia album cover

LIZARDIA is a Heavy Rock band from Volos, Greece.  To date they have released a demo, and this eponymous album with ten tracks called "Lizardia". The opening riff of "Turn to Smoke" is dirty, Grungy, low-end fuzz, and then it picks up into a nice easy listening riff, reminiscent of early BLACK SABBATH. Bluff's vocals are a perfect raspy marriage to the instrumentation.  "Like God" features some nifty bass work and an overall nonchalant kind of attitude, where the band extends a "take-it-or-leave-it" middle finger. Their confident swag oozes over the notes like paint slowly engulfing its subject.

Plodding along proudly and definitely comes "Tomorrow's Gift", a testament to days gone by, old school Heavy Rock music. The band does a nice job presenting their craft in as open a manner as possible. There is no pretention, no four-minute guitar solos, no crazy displays of instrumentation... just rock solid riffing and heaviness.

As the album continues, there can be no questioning the commitment of the band to write simple, heavy, Hard Rock, performed with impeccable timing, and earnest grooving.  They take you to a portal back to the 1970's, and I can literally picture people in bell bottoms shaking their fists in the air at their live show, and the band's blood, sweat and tears pour over the audience. Constructively, there are some inherent hackneyed elements to this style, so if you are looking for a re-invention of the wheel this may not be your cup of tea.

In "Electrifying The Reptiles", the steady, pounding rhythm, and trippy lead guitar fills produce an air of mystery as the bass carries the mid-section of the song. Points of emphasis are easy to hear in this no-frills track. There is a doomy quality that is not missed here as well. By contrast, "Ultrasonic Supervision" is upbeat, lively and sunny. They lay on the groove and drive home a chorus.

"Aurora on Jupiter" is about as fitting a closing track as there is, both musically and because of the title. It is a trippy, spacey, balls-out anthem of sorts, with plenty of low end hiss. As the genre of Metal continues to splinter today in so many new and fascinating ways, there is another movement whereby bands are going back to groove orientation Heavy Rock. LIZARDIA is clearly one of those latter bands. It's easy listening, simple Hard Rock. 

7 / 10


"Lizardia" Track-listing:

1. Turn to Smoke
2. Like God
3. Tomorrow's Gift
4. Sutter Cane
5. Electrifying The Reptiles
6. Room Full of Headaches
7. MountShake
8. Ultrasonic Supervision
9. Aversion
10, Aurora on Jupiter

Lizardia Lineup:

Bluff - Vocals
Jeje - Guitars
Gary - Bass
Pijo - Drums

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