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LIV SIN were formed in 2016 by vocalist Liv Jagrell (SISTER SIN) and they are […]
January 9, 2023
Liv Sin - KaliYuga album cover

LIV SIN were formed in 2016 by vocalist Liv Jagrell (SISTER SIN) and they are from Stockholm, Sweden. The modern Metal outfit released so far one EP and two full-length albums. Their third album "KaliYuga" was produced by Simon Johansson (WOLF; MEMORY GARDEN) and Mike Wead (KING DIAMOND; MERCIFUL FATE). It was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (AT THE GATES; DARK TRANQUILITY; HEAVEN SHALL BURN). The album has a length of about 45 minutes, and it was released via Danish Heavy, Power, and Thrash Metal label Target Records.

"KaliYuga" has a heavy start with powerful riffing at a head-banging rhythm. "The Process" is a mid-tempo song with a lot of catchiness in the melodies in both, verse and chorus parts. The song has plenty of modern Metal elements, including keyboard parts and electronic samples. The vocals of Liv Jagrell are harsh with a few clean parts, and cover most of the vocal range where the harsh parts often have a few Lzzy Hale vibes. "Antihero" keeps going with the dynamic modern Metal sound at mid-tempo. The verse parts start more quietly with only the keyboards, drums and vocals, and it takes some time before guitars and bass are joining in. Highlight of the track is the contributing lead guitar solo and all the lead guitar parts in general. "Antihero" is the official video release, and the YouTube link is given below.

"King Of Fools" is another heavy track with the guitar riffing driving the song forward. While the verse parts are played at mid-tempo, the chorus parts are slower at a measured pace with epic melodies and almost anthemic lyric parts. The break has more complex textures with a few twists in rhythm and a few tonal shifts in the vocals. Focal point of the break is the extended lead guitar solo. "King Of Fools" is one of the best songs on the album. "Forget My Name" starts with very powerful riffing at an almost stomping rhythm. The verse parts have a few steamroller vibes, while the chorus parts have catchy melodies and sing-along lyric lines. "Forget My Name" is another album highlight. "Karma" is a mixture of fast and mid-tempo during the verse parts and a slower pace during the chorus parts and the lead guitar solo. It comes with a lot of twists in rhythm and song structure changes. The keyboards, although being in the background, provides the leading melodies of the track. Compared to most other songs on the album, "Karma" cannot quite keep up.

"I Am The Storm" is a very powerful song with thunderous riffing. The track consists of two parts, the slow verse parts with the clean voice of Liv Jagrell and the super heavy chorus parts at a stomping rhythm with the harsh vocals that includes a few growls. Besides the heavy riffing, the vocals are the highlight of the track, where Liv Jagrell shows her outstanding versatility and powerful voice. "I Am The Storm" is another highlight of the album. "Virus" is a mixture of a heavy track driven by the guitar riffing and the harsh vocals, and slow parts with almost melancholic melodies and ballad-esque features. It is a constant change throughout the track, although the guitars dominate the track as the song progresses.

"D.E.R." is the track of the guest vocalists and there are three guests contributing: Zak Tell (ex-CLAWFINGER), Wenderson D'Paula (ARMY OF SOULS), and Madeleine Liljestam (ELEINE). The sound of the track is in line with the typical album sound, meaning a mixture of very heavy parts with crushing riffs and slower and more melodic parts. The chorus parts have epic melodies, and despite all the vocal contributions, highlight of the track is the lead guitar solo. "The Swarm" starts with a keyboard intro and then transitions into a mid-tempo verse and chorus parts driven by the guitar riffing, crunching bass lines, and the vocals. The track includes a lot of tempo changes and song structure complexity, but at the end, the song goes back to the initial and leading melodies. The album finishes with "Horizon In Black" which is a slow song with a mixture of anger and melancholy in the melodies. The sound of the song characterizes the album sound very well as it is led by the powerful vocals and the heavy guitar riffing. A good way to finish the album.

LIV SIN deliver a very good melodic Metal album. "KaliYuga" is heavy, with thunderous guitar riffing, excellent lead guitars, catchiness in the melodies, and very powerful vocals. The vocals of Liv Jagrell are an exhibition of versatility, strength and power. They drive the sound of LIV SIN and give it an extra dimension. All songs were composed towards the vocal strengths of Liv Jagrell and show the maturity in songwriting. The album is well produced. LIV SIN set the bar high with their new album. Melodic Metal fans will be delighted with "KaliYuga" and look forward to exciting live shows with LIV SIN.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"KaliYuga" Track-listing:

1. The Process
2. Antihero
3. King Of Fools
4. Forget My Name
5. Karma
6. I Am The Storm
7. Virus
8. D.E.R.
9. The Swarm
10. Horizon In Black

Liv Sin Lineup:

Liv Jagrell - Vocals
Jay Matharu - Guitars
Patrick Ankermark ­ Guitars
Per Bjevoluk - Drums
Daniel Skoglund ­ Bass

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