Changing the Melody


The stage is set for LIPZ to captivate audiences worldwide with their unique blend of […]

The stage is set for LIPZ to captivate audiences worldwide with their unique blend of glam rock infused with a contemporary edge. "Changing The Melody" is poised to be a sonic journey that showcases the band's evolution and artistic growth. With the backing of Frontiers Records, LIPZ is geared up to unleash a wave of infectious melodies and spellbinding performances, setting a new benchmark in the glam rock genre. As the world eagerly anticipates the musical revelation that "Changing the Melody" promises to be, LIPZ stands ready to usher in a new era of glam rock on the global stage. Brace yourselves for the infectious energy and sonic brilliance that will undoubtedly define LIPZ as trailblazers in the realm of glam rock.

Glam Rock. Those of us who lived through the 80’s are old enough to remember this movement. No one knows quite who started it…KISS laid the early foundations with their makeup and costumes. Was it RATT, MOTLEY CRUE, DOKKEN? All were contenders. I was 12 at the turn of the decade and gobbled up band after band in the genre. One interesting thing about Glam Rock was that despite their image, they had to be able to sing and play their instruments. In fact, many of the modern day vocal and guitar heroes came from the genre. The resurgence of this sound came long after Grunge put the final nails in their coffin. The only issue with the scene today is, what kind of place is there for bands who are recreating the sounds of the past? Let’s take a listen to “Changing the Melody’s” best offerings and see for ourselves.

“I’m Going Under” starts things off with a crunchy riff and steady bass notes, reminding me of the 80’s. The singer doesn’t have an outstanding range, and that is nothing against him, but his vocals do fit the music well. The title track is another mid-tempo song that utilizes vocal harmonies and a traditional riff that struggles to get off the ground. What the band is missing so far is that big punch in the chorus. A few other highlight include the energy and hooks in “Big Bang,” the tender and emotional sound of “Bye Bye Beautiful,” the sleazy approach in “I’m Alive,” the poignant “Freak,” and the closer, “Monsterz,” which has a raucous energy. Overall however, the album didn’t offer much in the way of a contemporary sound. When compared to the music of the 80’s, it also falls flat.

5 / 10









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"Changing the Melody" Track-listing:

1. I’m Going Under

2. Changing the Melody

3. Bang Bang

4. Stop Talk About ...

5. Bye Bye Beautiful

6. I’m Alive

7. Freak

8. Secret Lover

9. I Would Die For You

10. Monsterz


Lipz Lineup:

Alex K Klintberg – Vocals, Guitar

Koffe K Klintberg – Drums

Conny Svärd – Guitar

Chris Young – Bass


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