Worlds Away

Lindsay Schoolcraft

LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT is mainly known as the former keyboardist of CRADLE OF FILTH, but she's […]
By Angie Ramms
October 26, 2020
Lindsay Schoolcraft - Worlds Away album cover

LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT is mainly known as the former keyboardist of CRADLE OF FILTH, but she's been gathering more and more fans of her solo work throughout the years. Since 2010, the Juno nominated artist has released multiple singles and EPs, culminating in the release of her debut full length album "Martyr" in 2019. For her new release "Worlds Away", Lindsay has once again teamed up with Rocky Gray (former drummer of EVANESCENCE) and Spencer Creaghan. This time, they worked with a different idea in mind: two original tracks, along with nine reinterpretations of songs from previous works. All of these as almost acoustic versions played on the electric harp, with vocals and just a few other elements.

The opening track "Worlds Away" is very melancholic, yet beautiful. Lindsay's vocals are flawless and her harp work creates a lullaby atmosphere that is hard to get away from. The following track, "Saviour", was definitely a surprise as I'm very used to the metal version of the song, but the adaptation has been very well performed. I was afraid to hear something overdone and full of layers and elements, but instead of that, this version is quite minimalistic and shows Ms. Schoolcraft's talent, both as a singer and a harp player. "Darkness Falls" sounds like a movie soundtrack, mainly due to the orchestrations which help create a dramatic atmosphere. "Fading Star" brings something very different than the original version, it is very sweet and calm now that it has been stripped of Dani Filth's vocals. The next track, "Stranger", is very hypnotic, the pounding drumming throughout the song will drag you into the melody. For me, it's impossible not to relate this song to the earlier releases of EVANESCENCE. "Where I Fall", another holdover from "Martyr", is also beautifully done. The viola works amazingly for this song and the arrangements fit perfectly.

Throughout the album, the sensation I got was that I was listening to a lullaby. "Dance On The Strings" is one of the tracks that, for sure, brings this feeling more noticeably. "Dangerous Game", just like "Saviour", is another example of a great adaptation of a heavier gothic rock song into a dreamy acoustic ballad. "Your Mind" reminded me of ENYA. It's yet another magical ballad that you can easily picture being played by elves at Rivendell. The next track, "Masquerade", sounds so much better than the original version, in my opinion. The version from 2012 has a repetitive and unoriginal drumming pattern that I'm glad is not present in the 2020 remake, as we can now appreciate the song so much more. The last track of the album, "Warn Me", is an original. For sure, it is the gloomiest of them all. I'm going to play this song on repeat this Halloween!

I would say this is an album to listen to while you sit, relax, and do nothing else; at least, the first time. It is very calming and relaxing. If you let it, it'll take you to a meditative state. Lindsay Schoolcraft was able to imprint her talent in many ways onto this piece of art, and although I'm a big fan of her heavier work, this different setting is amazing, interesting, and haunting. The overall production of the album is great and I liked the way that things were kept simple. Instead of rushing into adding huge orchestrations and a million different layers of elements, the artist decided for a minimalistic approach instead and I believe that's exactly what makes this album so special.

10 / 10









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"Worlds Away" Track-listing:

1. Worlds Away
2. Saviour
3. Darkness Falls
4. Fading Star
5. Stranger
6. Where I Fall
7. Dance On The Strings
8. Dangerous Game
9. Your Mind
10. Masquerade
11. Warn Me

Lindsay Schoolcraft Lineup:

Lindsay Schoolcraft - Vocals, Lyrics, Electric Harp, String Direction
Spencer Creaghan - Additional String Programming on "Worlds Away", "Darkness Falls", and "Warn Me"
David "Dagda" Sanchez - Viola on "Darkness Falls", "Stranger", "Dance On The Strings", "Your Mind", and "Where I Fall"
Rocky Gray - Electronic Beats on "Worlds Away", "Stranger", and "Warn Me"

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