Linda & The Punch

The beauty of music as an art is that it is infinite in its form. […]
By Daniel Fox
March 31, 2014
Linda & The Punch - Obsession album cover

The beauty of music as an art is that it is infinite in its form. If you are a music enthusiast, being introduced to a new band can be quite a thrill, especially if you're a Metalhead like myself and the realms of AOR and catchy Rock are guilty pleasures. That is the essence of LINDA & THE PUNCH - catchy, melodic, sometimes-hard-sometimes-soft rock from Germany, fronted by gifted, young talent in vocalist Linda.

"What a Shame" is perfectly suited for radio-blasting, with pop-punk inspired riffs, yet creatively overlayed with Linda's creative vocal delivery. She does well to make use of her impressive range, capable of wild an unexpected melodic progressions, but holding down a permanent, infectious catchy vibe. "Welcome to London" is slightly slowed down and toned down, forgoing bubbliness for a more mature and rich arrangement, yet still belting out a deliciously catchy chorus. Clearly capable of a powerful, Punk-filled vocal delivery, the classy, ever-so-slightly Jazzy inflections in her voice manage to creep through. Oftentimes, I'm reminded of ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN.

"Bite" is easily one of my favorite tracks. It begins with a very mellow, easy-listening groove to it; excellent lounge music, perpetuated by spacey keyboard work, and a much more prominent smooth undertone in Linda's voice. As the song crescendos, one may notice an uncharacteristic bombast city in the riffs and the general atmosphere, not too unlike A PERFECT CIRCLE. "Lost For Words" continues this breezy atmosphere, but breaks it up with powerful vocal and riff crescendos that are always surprisingly powerful and moving.

Does it sound extremely commercialized? Definitely. Is every single track a catchy sing-a-long? Of course. However, the fact of the matter is, it proved to be an incredibly enjoyable listen that gives your ears an surprisingly unpredictable ride, that comes with that great feeling of knowing there's a new artist out there making great music.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Obsession" Track-listing:

1. What a Shame
2. Cold, Cold World
3. Welcome to London
4. Wake Up Dreaming of You
5. Nothing of Anything
6. Bite
7. Looking out for Number One
8. Kill The Lights
9. Lost for Words
10. Love Kills Me
11. Because the Night

Linda & The Punch Lineup:

Linda - Vocals
Torsten Asemann - Bass, Backing Vocals
Tim Edler - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Ralf Heyne - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Oliver Ross - Drums, Percussion

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