Legacy Of Evil

Limbonic Art

On 06/06/06 we had one more reincarnation of evil upon this cursed planet that would […]
By Yiannis Doukas
October 22, 2007
Limbonic Art - Legacy Of Evil album cover

On 06/06/06 we had one more reincarnation of evil upon this cursed planet that would later take the music form of Legacy Of Evil. The two Norwegian demons disbanded in 2003 'cause, as they said, they felt they had run out of ideas. 'Till then, LIMBONIC ART had unleashed four albums that put a lot of people into their exo-cosmic chaos and darkness.
Their birth saw the band with a different form than the current one, since Daemon - who started the band - had a full group companion. That changed after the acquaintance with Morfeus. They remained two, and still this is happening, with the drum parts taking over by a drum machine. Also to mention is that this was not problem even for their live appearances. In other bands this may be a terra-negative thing but in their music ideas I would say it fits well, like an evil form outside borders, looking from a higher place. Drum sounds plus the key parts provide an ultra cold feeling, anti-human or misanthropic.
Their return is successful because they had a lot to say...and play. It's clear from the beginning and specific with A Cosmic Funeral Of Memories. It's a killer song with great vocals plus - in the end - it takes an Attila dynamic. Throughout the album's length the vocals are really terrible. Daemon is one of the best, he screams from his soul depths. You must also check their cover on De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas from the MAYHEM tribute Originators Of Northern Darkness. You won't believe your ears.
In the beginning of A Void Of Lifeless Dreams, Legacy Of Evil and the major part of Unleashed From Hell exists real thrash riffs and I think the last one is a must for live panic. A very good one   is also the slow Grace By Torments tune with -I'll repeat -vocals that cannot be described. Listening to this song is a quite painful experience and maybe some hidden thoughts of your mind will be revealed.
I'm not a fanatic with this symphonic black metal but, really, LIMBONIC ART are different. Their music is mostly based on guitars and the key role is more for fulfilling the nightmares of the whole lunatic sound building. In all songs the work that has been done is very good in every detail; for example, the closing epic part in Lycanthropic Tales with a guitar riff a la SLAYER (or the ending of Crawl of ENTOMBED). There's a great solo, too, in Unleashed From Hell; pure chaotic metal madness.
Those who loved their albums will surely adore this one, too.

7 / 10


"Legacy Of Evil" Track-listing:

A Cosmic Funeral Of Memories
A Void Of Lifeless Dreams
Grace By Torments
Infernal Phantom Kingdom
Legacy Of Evil
Lycanthropic Tales
Nebulous Dawn
Seven Doors Of Death
Twilight Omen
Unleashed From Hell

Limbonic Art Lineup:

Daemon - Vocals, Guitars
Morfeus - Electronics, Guitars, Vocals

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