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LIGHTCHAPTER were formed in 2019 and they are from Aarhus, Denmark. The modern Metal band […]
July 17, 2023
Lightchapter - Time To Obey album cover

LIGHTCHAPTER were formed in 2019 and they are from Aarhus, Denmark. The modern Metal band released so far one EP. Their debut album "Time To Obey" has a length of about 31 minutes. The album is an independent release. The album opens with "Escape" which is an epic track at a measured tempo. The opening and the chorus parts contain many keyboard arrangements, while the verse parts are driven by powerful guitar riffing. The vocals are growls at around the medium end of the guttural range. The verse parts are heavy, direct, and aggressive and epic melodies drive the chorus parts. "A Little Hate For Now" starts with a short keyboard pre-lude and then transition into another track at a measured tempo. There are a few subtle changes in rhythm during the verse parts, while the chorus parts are slow in tempo.

"A Little Hate For Now" follows similar patterns as the opening track, but with more complexity. The melodies are melancholic during the chorus parts, while powerful riffing drives the remaining parts of the track. There are keyboard arrangements in the background throughout the whole song, creating a dark atmosphere. "Dance With The Insane" starts immediately with the riffing and the vocals. It is another track at a measured tempo with many keyboard parts, which equally contribute to the track as the guitars, bass, and drums. The atmosphere of the song switches between being melancholic and powerful. "Dance With The Insane" has been released as video, and the YouTube link is provided below. "Between Your And My Hell" starts with an electronic pre-lude introducing the main melody. The tempo of the track is again slow, and the riffing is thunderous. There are some changes in the rhythm, which adds a bit of complexity, but overall, the track fits into the framework of the album in terms of the songwriting concept.

"Dystopiate" starts very direct with aggressive riffing and with pace for the verse parts. The chorus parts slow down to the well-tried concept with epic melodies including some melancholic vibes, and keyboard arrangements. However, the verse parts of "Dystopiate" are a bit more dynamic and freshen up things a little bit. The title song starts with another keyboard intro transitioning into a verse part with heavy and tight riffing at slow tempo. The keyboard arrangements drive the bridges and chorus parts, which is, in my opinion, not beneficial to the track. I thought that "Time To Obey" could have done better without any keyboard.

"Disarmer" is an eighty-second keyboard inter-lude followed by "The Blind Years" which starts with a short guitar/keyboard intro before thunderous and tight riffing takes over. The track is slightly faster and heavier than most others are on the album, although "The Blind Years" follows the pattern of the other album songs. The album closes with "Afterlife", which is another mixture of heavy riffing, melancholy, and a lot of keyboard arrangements and electronic effects at a slow tempo. As so often, I had the impression that the track would have done better without all those keyboard parts. However, "Afterlife" fits perfectly into the album framework and is a powerful end to the album.

LIGHTCHAPTER deliver a debut album, which is a mixture of modern Metal, melodic Groove Metal, and some alternative Metal elements. It could have been a very interesting album with more versatility. Unfortunately, all songs sound very similar based on the same concept. In my opinion, the arrangements are overdone and occasionally take away something from the tracks. I think, the songwriting needs improvements in future albums. The album is well produced. I am sure that "Time To Obey" will have its share of fans and it will be interesting to see how LIGHTCHAPTER develop their sound in the future.

7 / 10









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"Time To Obey" Track-listing:

1. Escape
2. A Little Hate For Now
3. Dance With The Insane
4. Between Your And My Hell
5. Dystopiate
6. Time To Obey
7. Disarmer
8. The Blind Years
9. Afterlife

Lightchapter Lineup:

Mikkel Ottoson - Vocals, Guitars
Anders Berg - Guitars
Tobias Host - Drums
Kalle Herborg - Bass

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