A female fronted Metal band created by the erstwhile Rest In Pain triumvirate of vocalist […]
By Makis Kirkos
June 3, 2004
Ligeia - Gloria album cover

A female fronted Metal band created by the erstwhile Rest In Pain triumvirate of vocalist Daniela Unglert, guitarist Jorg Mayer and bassist Wolfgang Fetzer.
With the addition of drummer Michael Urthaler the new band unit took the title Angel Dusk. Just prior to recording the Made Of Stone debut, a revised title of Ligeia, after the Edgar Allan Poe story, was chosen.
What attracts your attention first to this German power metal act is the impressive album cover, which I think is one of the best power metal covers ever. A blond warrior mistress, holding a mighty sword above the corpus of a beast, under a burning sky. I don't know who is responsible for the artwork but for sure I'd shake his hand.
Musically speaking, I wasn't impressed that much from the band's songwriting. They do have some good guitar riffs and melodies but mainly the compositions are weak and poor in a way. I am sure Daniela Unglert tried her best but the result isn't very good. They have to improve their songwriting if they want to make a stand, because right now they sound like a typical, heard it all before, power metal band with a female vocalist.
Some of the guitar riffs are great and this shows the band's talent in composing music but their melodies are badly arranged and the result is not what I'd expect to hear. I believe Silence is the album's highlight, a really soulful ballad with good keyboard melodies and lyrical vocal lines. Other than that, Heaven And Hell together with Last Desire are worth listening.
It seems that Ligeia have all the prospects of going big but they really have to improve their songwriting and concentrate on Daniela's voice more. They are not bad, not at all, but their sound is typical power metal having nothing new to offer to that genre. I would like to hear more from this band in the future and I hope they will decamp their mediocrity they carry right  now.

5 / 10


"Gloria" Track-listing:

Mistress Of The Night
Heaven Is Hell
Last Desire
Beyond The Sky
Wings Of Fire
Light Of The Gods

Ligeia Lineup:

Daniela Unglert - Vocals
Jörg Mayer - Guitar
Michael Sommer - Bass
Sascha Shilling - Drums

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