The Strongest Power (Reissue)


While the United States of America is considered as a fertile territory for White & […]
By YngwieViking
August 15, 2013
Leviticus - The Strongest Power (Reissue) album cover

While the United States of America is considered as a fertile territory for White & Christian Metal, fantastically represented by some high successful acts as STRYPER / BRIDE / ANGELICA / GUARDIAN / SACRED WARRIOR / BLOODGOOD / TROUBLE / WHITECROSS / TOURNIQUET / IMPELLITTERI or the contemporary most impressive DEMON HUNTER, Scandinavia and particularly Sweden, also holds an impressive number of, devoted to god, Metal bands such as NARNIA / MODEST ATTRACTION / REINXEED / DIVINEFIRE / MEHIDA / WISDOM CALL / HARMONY etc... LEVITICUS is related more or less, with all those bands and is regarded as one of the pioneer and the precursor of this Christian Wave with JERUSALEM and maybe AXIA later on.

The band started out as a trio with Björn Stigsson, Kjell and Hakan Andersson on bass and lead vocals. The first EP "Stå Och Titta På" was in a more AOR-synth-based mode and was sung in Swedish, while the more metallic first album "I Shall Conquer" (1984) was releasing both in English and Swedish language. After publishing "The Strongest Power" in 1985, the band released "Setting Fire To The Earth" with Hakan that was replaced by Terje Hjortander aka Terry Haw (ex-QUINZY) on vocals and Sven "ez" Gomez on Bass (they both left in the summer of 1987, to form their own band  a trio named THE JET CIRCUS). The lead singer post was filled by Sonny Larsson (MOTHERLODE). Björn Stigsson released a solo album the same year with also Sonny behind the mic, they later reunited under the XT moniker.

For the recording of the famous "Knights Of Heaven" album in '89, the line-up of LEVITICUS was again updated, with new vocalist Peo Pettersson (ex-AXIA) and Bass player Niklas Franklin, this is one of the most highly regarded and mostly recommended platter in the genre, maybe it's because it was produced by legendary duo John and Dino Elefante of KANSAS and Pakaderm Records fame.

Today we are going to study the case of "The Strongest Power" recently re-released by Ektro Records, it's a strong record, unfortunately decked with an horrendous cover and weakened by a "now difficult to assume feeling", their belief and mostly the tag as in the late 80s the White Metal term became more a curse than a blessing Somewhere between the Euro epic Heavy Metal side and the U.S. melodic Hair Metal style played by many in those times, the album reveal a sheer talent in the song craft's department and also a real savoir-faire in the playing and the instrumentation.

Originally published by the powerful American-religious label Pure Metal Records, "The Strongest Power" was already once re-released in 2000 by M8 Rec., it was embellished and filled with 4 bonus tracks originally featured on the very rare 1984 EP  , but soon became again a very sought after collector's item, so here is your chance to own a piece of the Christian Swedish Metal history relic. On your knees and pray for The Strongest Power.

PS: Thanks to my mentor Janne Stark for his precious help for this review!

8 / 10


"The Strongest Power (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. The Winner
2. Deborah and Barak
3. On the Rock
4. King of Kings
5. Stay with Us
6. I Got Power
7. Look Around
8. I Love You
9. A New Day
10. Light for the World

Leviticus Lineup:

Björn Stigsson - Lead Guitars / Keys
Hakan Andersson - Lead Vocals / Bass
Kjell Andersson - Drums

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