This full female band gained some serious publicity points from their efforts to get on […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
July 5, 2008
Level-C - Level-C album cover

This full female band gained some serious publicity points from their efforts to get on the 'Ozzefest' back in 2006 through the respective 'battle of bands'. Even though they did not make it in the festival they made quite a fuss around their name that became stronger through the live performances. Indeed, these ladies play hard ass music with a great deal of attitude that many male bands would kill to have. So, Locomotive Records has the privilege to release LEVEL-C's debut and homonymous album that will hit the stores in the mid of July.
The album kicks in with a macho attitude that will make your jaw drop! The solid and heavy rhythm section bears influences from bands like MACHINE HEAD and PANTERA and fits excellently Christine's vocals who sounds really pissed off! The groove on Relax has a dominating SOULFLY feeling through the bass doodle and the compact drum work. The melodic break with the clean vocals and the nicely worked twin guitar riffs add great on the diversity side. Christine continues with her clean vocal profile in Fly laying down some catchy melodic lines that work perfect with the riff based groove.
The in-you-face chorus lines in No Control say try to take control of me under the solid support of the excellent bass and drum sound while the tempo gains some speed during the thrashing Chain Reaction. It's headbanging time during Back To My where Christine invites us to get loud welcoming some more MACHINE HEAD influences that are manily focused on the guitars. LEVEL-C set a foot in the Metalcore scene with Blackout and Bully with the trademark shouting vocals and the 'jumping up and down' rhythm that can also be interpreted as SLIPKNOT influences. The album closes with Misery that comes to surprise us with the slow tempo the soulful clean vocals that build an emotional tension that stays there even thought the distorted guitars offer a temporary relief.
I can say that LEVEL-C will make a solid stand-up with their debut that I bet sounds even better on-stage. Below you can watch LEVEL-C on-stage performing the album opener and I think it definitely supports my above saying!

7 / 10


"Level-C" Track-listing:

Ignite Us
No Control
Chain Reaction
Back To My
Suck A Fist

Level-C Lineup:

Christine Maynard - Vox
Christina Crago - Guitars
Janean Buch - Bass 
Misty Everson - Drums

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