Lethal Saint

Coming from the Mediterranean's sunny island of Cyprus, more known for it's shores and blue […]
By JP the French Warrior
April 18, 2015
Lethal Saint - WWIII album cover

Coming from the Mediterranean's sunny island of Cyprus, more known for it's shores and blue waters than for it's metal bands. LETHAL SAINT release their second album, "WWIII", on the German Label Pure Steel Records, having released their debut first full-length album in 2010 on independent label, Pitch Black Records, and a 4-songs demo in 2007, was followed by a single over the French Emanes Metal.

LETHAL SAINT mixed with success, traditional metal with melodic power metal, and gives us an album with eleven tracks full of fantastic sharp guitars riffs. The majestic twin guitars harmonies are the strength of this album performed by Andreas Kasapis & Christoforos Gavrie; beautiful thrashy death choirs, there is also good drumming with double bass, then crushing your brain like a train at full speed. But the highlight of this album is the vocals delivered by Andreas Pouyioukkas; his voice is both heavy, clear, rough, and melodic all at one, medium-high range perfect for this style of metal, they are just incredible, in the vein of Matt Barlow's when he was the singer of ICED EARTH, which is without any doubt, the main influence of LETHAL SAINT, also in the production of this album but probably with a limited budget than the a US band, but nothing wrong, the mix & mastering are pretty good.

"WWIII" has its moments of brilliance as "Merciless Decay", "Prophecy Of War" "Order to Defend" or "Ascend to Power" These songs are just so well written it flows full of passion, with a lot of heavy side and catchy songwriting.

LETHAL SAINT and "WWIII" deserve your attention in any case, and an audition is strongly recommended. If you are a fan of ICED EARTH, METAL CHURCH, GRAVE DIGGER, you will not disappoint fans of Leather, Denim, Steel, and Balls & Chains! It's a damn cool album!<

8 / 10


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"WWIII" Track-listing:

1. The Curse
2. Merciless Decay
3. Prophecy Of War
4. Chaos Rising
5. Order To Defend
6. Omen
7. Thorns Of Existence
8. The Alliance
9. Ascend To Power
10. Spoils Of The Past

Lethal Saint Lineup:

Andreas Pouyioukkas - Vocals
Andreas Kasapis - Guitars
Christoforos Gavrie - Guitars
Nicholas Liakos - Bass
Christis Isseyegh - Drums

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