Lethal Injury

LETHAL INJURY is prepared to brawl their way to the top tier of the Thrash […]
By Kyle Scott
November 21, 2018
Lethal Injury - Meloncholia album cover

LETHAL INJURY is prepared to brawl their way to the top tier of the Thrash pantheon! Since 2015, they've opened for Big Four act ANTHRAX as well as fellow Thrash bands NERVOSA, INSANITY ALERT, and HIRAX. Meloncholia, the band's official debut album jam packs all that you love about Thrash into nine songs. LETHAL INJURY's awesomely named vocalist Rambo Exodus spews screaming, spitting rage into every lyric.

"Haima" is a slow marching dirge straight into the mouth of a frothing beast. A beast by the name of "Mothman". A furious ballad about the famous West Virginia legend of strange Mothman sightings. The track moves along at breakneck speed to a screeching Rambo. Title track "Melancholia" chugs by at an even pace, creating a wall of drum noise that threatens to swallow everything in its wake. Burrowing basslines in "Denounce" paw up Earth, digging up dozens of tunnels through crunchy soil of symbols and loamy riffs.

"Suicidal Call" features a soundbite from the infamous shotgun scene from the Kubrick classic Full Metal Jacket. Tackling a sensitive topic with loads of pummeling riffs. LETHAL INJURY bites hard and draws blood from multiple points, summoning circle pits within a ten-mile radius. Riot inducing riffs from "The Downward Spiral" go ominously quiet during the interlude; a forboding calm before a storm.

The fury that has saturated most of the album is all at once lulled into submission with the sequel to "Melancholia" with "Melancholia Part II". Its just two and a half minutes of peace before tossing you carelessly back dead center into the fray with "Veiled Woman In Black", ensuring the last song finally kills you at the hands of a terrifying woman stalking you in the night. It's a nasty end but one full of high-flying riffs and explosive drums so maybe it's not so terrible. Depends on who you ask. Melancholia is a lit stick of dynamite in an unpredictable madman's hand.

8 / 10









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"Meloncholia" Track-listing:

1. Haima
2. Mothman
3. Melancholia
4. Denounce
5. Suicidal Call
6. Scream Burn Die
7. The Downward Spiral
8. Melancholia Part II
9. Veiled Woman of the Black

Lethal Injury Lineup:

Josha - Bass
Dennis Wyffles - Guitar
Arthur Loobuyck - Drums
Rambo Exodus - Vocals

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