Lethal Dosage

"Come forth and witness a rudimentary debut album" someone will have most likely said at […]
By James Dean
March 11, 2014
Lethal Dosage - Consume album cover

"Come forth and witness a rudimentary debut album" someone will have most likely said at some point in time. Lo and behold LETHAL DOSAGE appeared, this Arizonian quintet is a somewhat watered down version of what is already out there in the Deathcore scene. Deplorably not gaining enough merit to stand aside from the larger bands.

LETHAL DOSAGE seem to focus their diversity within the initial 30 seconds of each track, thus it is difficult to notice much originality even within regards to their own songs. Personally I found the majority of the songs were far too similar often blurring together, so much so on occasion I had to check the media player to be certain the tracks were not on repeat.

The only notable numbers which stand out are "Gods Shall Perish" being one of the few motional pleasing tracks with its free flowing intro and guitar solo and "Melody" being appropriately titled as the most melodic song along with the only instrumental on this album which relieves us for several minutes of Daniel Davis unrefined vocals. One matter which comes to mind is the lightness of the percussive tone, especially when compared to that of the guitars and vocal line. It may serve a purpose or just be a consequence of inadequate recording and mastering techniques. Yet it leaves me unable to place a definitive opinion.

I'm not going to vilify these guys' talent, but the music lacks substance and flair for the most part. On the contrary there are several intriguing rhythms, patterns and guitar melodies, which unfortunately get drowned out, along with the aforementioned songs this appears to be the only beneficial aspect of this seemingly hit and miss album. If one can appreciate mediocrity with apparent repeated breakdowns then "Consume" will be for you.

5 / 10


"Consume" Track-listing:

1. Drink
2. Black Eye
3. Katheter
4. Poor-Man
5. Melody
6. Gods Shall Perish
7. Matter of Honor
8. Time to Think
9. Consume
10. Sleep

Lethal Dosage Lineup:

Daniel Davis - Vocals
Josh Hayes - Guitars
Theodore Simon - Guitars
Pepe Shepperd - Bass
Frank Chacon Jr. - Drums

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