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The Thrashfall Of Mankind

Lesson In Violence

LESSON IN VIOLENCE is a German thrash metal band from the city of Bavaria and […]
March 10, 2022
Lesson In Violence - The Thrashfall Of Mankind album cover

LESSON IN VIOLENCE is a German thrash metal band from the city of Bavaria and they are pretty new to the metal scene as they only formed back in 2019. Their choice of name for the band actually came from thrash metal giants, EXODUS as they wrote a song titled LESSON IN VIOLENCE. The band themselves say that their music is that 'if you like it fast and straight and you prefer some old-school-thrash-riffs without any cosmetics or compromises, then lend us your ears until they bleed'.

The lineup features; singer/vocalist FLORIAN NEGWER, a second guitarist ANDRÉ LOESCH, bassist ROLAND SCHÄFER and finally drummer MATTHIAS KRAPP. The singer and guitarist who are both named FLORIAN played in BRAIN DAMAGE along with the drummer MATTHIAS plus their bassist ROLAND. They have released their debut album THE THRASHFALL OF MANKIND as of February 18th this year so that is now available to listen to online and I would certainly highly recommend listening to it. The first track is "Lost In Yourself" spits out pulsating drum patterns with accented guitar distortion. The thrash influences are pretty clear in the drums and guitar working in partnership to build up substantial, sugar coated thrash metal. A nice but quick intro going into the second track signaled by guitar vibrato.

"C.H.A.O.S" slows down a bit exposing the true grit and grunt of guitar with wicked vocals which are very stylistic. A big emphasis on the song title a couple of times in the lyrical content throughout with very pretty and colourful guitar hooks with cymbal hits as well. The rhythm varies somewhat but not as often as we think. Onto the third track now titled "Thrash Metal Mankind" burning our ears out with faster jumpy guitar licks and drums pounding through the mix. The clarity of drums and precision of guitar are just the main narrative before a stampede of thrash guitar comes barging in to make the track much heavier and denser as well. Keeping the consistency going as we strive for the fourth track titled "Inside" driving through, crashing with drum solos. Vocals are in command as they sound sinister, perhaps more death metal influences here. Guitar vibrator and incredible leaps of faith land right on their feet.

"Dissembling Wings" bashing drum beats, guitar guiding them along and vocals releasing all its strength and tone, more bite to make this track as cunning as before. Bass guitar also gets a short solo with drums hovering in the background. Vocals repeat more and more of the song title going into vocals as the word liar is sung then the backing vocalist repeats it with more eccentricity. This track has more cutting-edge vocal treatment along with thunderous and aggressive guitar or bass making its contribution. The detail and tone or texture in guitar is very admirable. "Social Madness" is on a very upbeat start with kick ass drum patterns and solo guitar work.

Moving into "Rigid And Stubborn" bring the hardcore thrash we know so well from the band, like a rollercoaster ride through the seven circles of hell perhaps. The next track is "Scum Of Society" with several cymbal hits and a wonderful sound combination of thrash metal or heavy rock defined by guitar or drums. This track in particular has some technical metal influences and there is a section where vocals bow out. This gives the other instruments the chance to flourish before vocals make a startling return later on in the track. "A Time To Kill" there are certainly comparisons to thrash metal bands like EXODUS and KREATOR especially earth-shattering drums eroding the guitar. "Lesson In Violence" like before the excelling guitar ventures, zippy drum beats and vocals projecting all that umph which is just staggering. A good album indeed, safe to say this band will have the commitment to sail through the barriers of thrash metal. There is a lot to like about them, simply nice and very well executed as well.

7 / 10









"The Thrashfall Of Mankind" Track-listing:

1. Lost In Yourself
2. C.H.A.O.S
3. Thrash Metal Mankind
4. Inside
5. Dissembling Wings
6. Liar
7. Social Madness
8. Rigid And Stubborn
9. Scum Of Society
10. Time To Kill
11. Lesson In Violence

Lesson In Violence Lineup:

Florian "Cooper" Negwer - Vocals
Florian Helbig - Guitars and Vocals (Backing)
André Loesch - Guitars
Roland Schäfer - Bass Guitar and Vocals (Backing)
Matthias Knapp - Drums

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