A Life Less Ordinary

Less Than Under

LESS THAN UNDER is the next one from Sonicbids and the first release through them […]
By Ian Kaatz
October 1, 2007
Less Than Under - A Life Less Ordinary album cover

LESS THAN UNDER is the next one from Sonicbids and the first release through them I wasn't really sure what to think the first time through.  I hadn't heard anything like this in a few years at least.  I wouldn't say it's original by any means, but I will say a few other things that's for sure...
The band began in Colorado in 2006 when Jace and Michael left their bands to form LTU; they have released one album A Life Less Ordinary.  Their next is to be produced by Arhue Luster (ILL NINO, ex-MACHINE HEAD).
First thing I notice almost assume as the track, Deadbeat, starts is the singer tries to sound like the old singer from MUSHROOMHEAD, second thing I notice Nu-Metal is pretty dead what are these guys doing? The second track, Polluted features a typical poppy chorus with lots of shouting with a Nu-Metal kind of style; if this guy was to say "yeah one more time in this song I might shoot myself in the face, the chorus is not just totally Nu-Metal pop crap. It's also cheesy, as hell and I don't know if the "40 oz to Freedom is a reference to SUBLIME, but if you are in metal band leave SUBLIME at home.
Dustin's screaming in this song, Tap Out, sounds like he ends every word squeezing something from his butt if you know what I am saying.  A typical three chord riff, a big waste of time essentially.  The lyrics are kind of like a worse version of BIOHAZARD lyrics or something much worse. The riff that begins the fourth song, Shot To Hell, isn't awful actually the first ray of hope, until the singer starts this kind whine. The riff kind of goes to shit after this and it just sounds boring as well the vocals sounding equally bad.  Bridges lyrics could fit into a HATEBREED song except in this song their delivery is kind of in a Rap style; awful song possibly the worst on the album, well perhaps behind the previous one.  That was as far as I got.
I think maybe if these guys came out like 8 years ago they would have big, but now they are just a joke to me at least.  I guess I would recommend them to you if you like MUSHROOMHEAD, GODSMACK, or DROWNING POOL.  Although, I wouldn't really recommend them at all.

2 / 10

What the Hell?

"A Life Less Ordinary" Track-listing:

Kill Yourself
Shot To Hell
Face Down
10 Times
Tap Out
Look Down

Less Than Under Lineup:

Michael Aranda - Guitars, Programming, Backing Vocals
Jace Nimz - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Dustin Hollmer - Vocals
Mike Gray - Bass
Jon Maggard - Guitar

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