All Black Rainbow Moon

Les Lekin

The first song, called "Intro", is what it is, an intro with heavy Stoner Rock […]
By Aaron Eerdekens
January 27, 2016
Les Lekin - All Black Rainbow Moon album cover

The first song, called "Intro", is what it is, an intro with heavy Stoner Rock guitars and slow, atmospheric drumming, which flows seamlessly over into the first full song on the album, "Solum". The "Intro" could just as well have been part of it, because it goes on exactly the same, but now with piercing lead guitars leaking a sauce of Doom over the dish that is LES LEKIN. There's not really a lot of structure going on, but, like in for example Black Metal, the music seems to be all about atmosphere, and that they do nail, seemingly without any effort whatsoever.

"Useless" begins with nothing more than a single note being struck on a guitar over and over again, like the sound of a bell, until the first little easy riff starts and they slowly get carried away with that. Good thing that after a couple of minutes it gets a little more Rock 'n Roll and the guitarist starts to improvise again, otherwise the whole thing might have become excruciatingly boring.

They manage to keep things interesting though, and so does "Allblack", which is built up from the drums and bass rather than the guitar, especially in the beginning. By now it's all very clear what the band is about, and what you can expect from them. You'll get nothing more and nothing less, and so "Loom" is not a disappointment but not really a high point either. The whole album stays even, no highs, no lows, no nothing, just plain old guitar driven heavy Stoner psychedelics. It's all quite similar, but they manage to keep things interesting enough until the final song, "Release", in which they keep doing their thing. And that's what they're good at.

7 / 10


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"All Black Rainbow Moon" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Solum
3. Useless
4. Allblack
5. Loom
6. Release

Les Lekin Lineup:

Peter G - Guitar
Stefan W - Bass
Kerstin W - Drums

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