Leper Colony

Leper Colony

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: LEPER COLONY; signed via Transcending […]
January 17, 2023
Leper Colony - Leper Colony album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: LEPER COLONY; signed via Transcending Obscurity Records, hailing from the glory of Germany & Swedish grounds - performing Death Metal, on their debut full-length self-titled studio album: "Leper Colony" (released 13th of January 2023). Since formation in 2022; the trio in question have only this debut full-length studio album in their discography so far, 9 tracks ranging around 33:35; LEPER COLONY arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Death Metal developments.

Opening up with this blistering barrage frenzy in revving thuds of sturdy mayhem; this riveting rhythm of nasty punchiness rifts with rollicking pursuit on striking slabs of solid stridency, "The Human Paradox" belts a clobbering foundation in Death Metal maliciousness - stampeding viciously with visceral rampage whilst an amplified adrenaline forges a fierce calamity in extreme firepower expertise. Bulldozing eardrums with slaying grinds and frolicking gallops, as chugging shreds soar with rapidly swift nimbleness whilst rumbling with reverberating piledrives that showcase rambunctious tonality from dexterous guitar/bass audibility riffer: Rogga Johansson. Piercing speakers with organic substance & pounding synergy; this tremoring perseverance persists with gnarly distortion, fabricated with monolithic tempo that's fueled intensely into a densely impactful force as an all guns blazing crescendo bludgeons heads with razor-sharp rampancy too.

Rompy throttles groove distinctively into a distinguished element in berserking blitzkrieg; as "Perdition's End" surges with tremolo trailblazing effect  & a firing all cylinders rampage that stomps with thumpy malignancy from hammering drummer Jon Skäre. Injecting an infectiously venomous volatility on concretely gritty crunchiness; bombarding heads with primitively raw sulfurity, which showcases this profusely robust ramification on razing savagery that will make you want to break chairs over other chairs in no time - especially in "The Surgical Undeadvors". Instrumentally and vocally; LEPER COLONY manifest with this OBITUARY-esque momentum, while Marc Grewe yells with throaty raspiness whilst shouty barks bellow furiously...barking intensely with these deep gutturals, executed immensely with some grunty heft for good measure.

Thumping with stompy yet steely precision; monstrously meaty bestiality brutally engages at a clamouring calamity in virulent strife that distils a dense artillery in beefy bashfulness, relentlessly renegading with profusely robust weight on tight punchiness that's most ruthless on pandemonic rebellion & smacking speed. "Tar And Feathers" shows no remorse with more striking pursuits of meltdown finesse; attributing at a hybrid experimentation in chaotic trailblazing that skyrockets with chunky barbarity, demonstrating a salubrious stability that merges hardcore execution and high-octane stampede - profound within "Rapture Addict". Ripping with razor-sharp maelstrom vehemence; where versatile songwriting musicianship manifolds with sonic wickedness, radically morphing with flexible fundamental elements in implementing a flickering audibility whilst towering with strong thrashing grandeur in crushing but diversely varied musicality & furore - found in the titular track.

An authentic craftsmanship characteristic culminates an indelible differentiate in an dark but archaic archetype within the titular track "Leper Colony"; slowing down a little bit but adding a healthy dose on ominously jarring euphonic, as a bleak but buoyant ebullience continues pulverizing you with sweltering prestige & prodigious motoring tactics that you can't help but swing your electrified brain to. "A Flow So Greatly Macabre" materializes with more beatdown energy; hooking a gripping belabor that pumps out with malevolent hostility, of which I found myself swinging my head... banging hard into a briskly thrill of rounded madness that will make you want more & more the more you listen. The penultimate banger "Flesh Crawl Demise" sears through your soul with more transgressional rage; transitioned with deathly haste, and thrusting but bombing extremity - begging you to move your arse as you thrash like a diabolical madman on steroids.

Overall concluding "Leper Colony" with the finale epic: "Gruesome End"; a fitting title that needs no introduction, I am compelled to say that LEPER COLONY most surely outdone themselves with this one... an enjoyably entertaining debut and discovery that's worthy of spinning whilst replaying a good bunch of times should you fancy a gruesome listen of homicidal Death Metal masterwork that starts off the year rightly with... serving this subgenre with great interest. Do check it out & motivate yourself to work out like never before, great stuff!

10 / 10









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"Leper Colony" Track-listing:

1. The Human Paradox
2. Perdition's End
3. The Surgical Undeadvors
4. Tar and Feathers
5. Rapture Addict
6. Leper Colony
7. A Flow So Greatly Macabre
8. Flesh Crawl Demise
9. Gruesome End

Leper Colony Lineup:

Marc Grewe (ex-Morgoth, Insidious Disease) - Vocals
Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Revolting) - Guitars, Bass
Jon Skäre (Consumption, Reek) - Drums

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