Future Fate Forever


LEOPARDS are coming from the UK and label themselves as an Alternative band with some […]
By Matan "Shouter" Yaniv
February 17, 2015
Leopards - Future Fate Forever album cover

LEOPARDS are coming from the UK and label themselves as an Alternative band with some Pop Influences. The band formed in 2012 and a few months later they released their debut EP which leaded into some pretty impressive video clips. In 2015, the band released their second EP.

The album opens with "Save Yourself". The song has a beautiful melody with genius & catchy composing. I think that the power in songs like this is that those songs are not so sophisticated, even the lyrics are simple and not that deep. In other bands it's could be a big disadvantage but the band made this to but the band manages to make it to a simple catchy and fun song.

But "Promise Me" is not like the first song. In this one, the band definitely tries to make the song more emotional. I got no problem with that, but if you want a deep track, at least make it deep enough. In the bottom line the song is not too unlike the previous, but at least the first song was fun and entertaining, not something that comes up here.

"Take Control" is much more Pop than Rock or Alternative. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great song, the definition of the song may interfere with some fans, maybe even a lot, but I personally don't really care about the definition as long that it's a good song, and so it is; the band using what they did on the first song with a significant improvement in the lyrics and in the emotion in the song.

"Broken Family" is more Punk Rock-Punk Pop. The song has a good concept and a good story but it doesn't feel developed. The main problem of the song is that the song focuses on repeating, time and again, the same catchy elements. In the first minute I already figured out what the band wanted and what the song all about.

Then the last song in the album that called "April" comes, and that's actually a really good song. The performance of the band is great in this one, especially the performance of the lead singer Jenna Clare that reminded me of Hayley Williams a little. The rhythm in the song is very much powerful along with the guitars, and the chorus is also amazing. But does it make the song perfect? No. Still the band suffer from too many catchy repeating elements that been used in the song makes the song into too much over drama, especially in the lyrics. Still it's very entertaining song with a several problems

I think that the best song in the album is "Take Control". Although that the song is catchy and very mainstream, it's the only song in the album that shows the originality of the band and the band's true face.

Some of the other songs are good too, but they are taking too many familiar clichés that have been used elsewhere. The band is composed of several very talented musicians and one of the most unique singers that I heard recently. But their problem is that they still need some time to get open and write music that at least sounds original.

I'm not saying that the band copies parts that written by other bands. But their writing is not very unique to them and they haven't built a special style from their own. In the bottom line, it's a very initial EP and the band have to work on their originality to make a songs that sounds more like LEOPARDS.

7 / 10


"Future Fate Forever" Track-listing:

1. Save Yourself
2. Promise Me
3. Take Control
4. Broken Family
5. April

Leopards Lineup:

Tom Schaupp - Vocals, Guitar
Bad Mike Bösinger - Drums
Alex Palma - Bass, Backing Vocals
Wolle Heieck - Guitar, Backing Vocals

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