Legacy Pilots

The Hamburg based musician Frank Us had his start playing in some local bands before […]
By Barry Valentine
October 25, 2020
Legacy Pilots - Aviation album cover

The Hamburg based musician Frank Us had his start playing in some local bands before turning music into a profession successfully composing jingles for products, and companies. His Love is an always has been the progressive rock that influenced him. He got the squad back together for his second album "Aviation" that was released 7/23/20, and was a year and a half in the making between recording, composing, mixing, and production. Lets dive into it!

The first track on the album "The Squad Is Back" and its starts of with some sampling before being joined by the rest of the band. A very soft soothing instrumental with all the musicians each taking part with keyboards, flowing solos from guitars, and keyboards. A very soft rock beginning for the album, but defiantly showcasing all the bands talents.

The next track "A Different League" has this eighties feel with a keyboard intro, the first verse with the bass groove, and the chorus is definitely a tribute to the progressive era. The tempo picks up as it moves into the prelude before the solo, and a strong sweeping solo are the highlight of the song. Overall it's a decent song.

Onto the next track, this one is titled "Dreamers". This has a sort of Sting tone, and feel.  It's got this  flowing lead guitar intro, groove with the bass, the vocals, and the band. Its like stepping back into the early to mid 80s, I grew up in this era, and its like being right back. The chorus is what really brings that  out. A decent flowing solo, and the keys really finish the song nicely.

I'm going to jump ahead a little bit to "Fear Part 1," a really cool acoustic guitar intro, and the tone of the vocals make this a really good song. The tempo picks up after the second chorus, and the tone gets darker and heavier. The lyrics are really fitting for the tone of the song, and sung just right. My Favorite song to this point.

The next track is "Fear Part 2," and its completely different rhythm then the last. A dark piano chord section, darker guitar chords, and not lyrics. It didn't have the same tempo as the last either, but it wasn't bad. Definitely darker in tone.

I'm going to jump to the last track "An Adventurous Journey." It starts off with a piano intro joined in with a acoustic guitar, then keyboard, but then the tone changes into this darker piano chord, and guitar. Not the longest song on the album, but the longest instrumental. A flowing musical with highs, lows, sweeping solos. A solid finish.

Overall, if progressive rock is your thing, this album is for you. I'm not a big fan, but I did like the album. Its very well wrote, composed, and produced. The arrangments with all the different talents, it didn't make it overwhelming, or too busy. I thought it was well done.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Aviation" Track-listing:

1. The Squad Is Back
2. A Different League
3. Dreamers
4. Innocent
5. Wide Wide World
6. Fear Part 1
7. Fear Part 2
8. Saccadiana Rhythms
9. Immortal
10. To The Stars
11. An Adventurous Journey

Legacy Pilots Lineup:

Frank Us
Marco Minneman
Todd Sucherman
Pete Trewavas
John Mitchell
Finally George
Jake Livgren
Steve Morse
Jordan Rudess

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