Human Delusions


LEFUTRAY is a thrash-groove metal band out of Santiago - Chile that formed in 2005. The […]
By James Brizuela
May 16, 2019
Lefutray - Human Delusions album cover

LEFUTRAY is a thrash-groove metal band out of Santiago - Chile that formed in 2005. The band returns with a heart-pumping album, "Human Delusions".

LEFUTRAY deliver an incredibly entertaining album that would excite any fan of bands like LAMB OF GODDEVILDRIVER, and PANTERA. "Human Delusions" delivers nine tracks of pure aggressive and raw intensity that brings you completely to head banging paradise. Almost like a ballad for the rest of the album, "The Wrath" executes a completely intense and gripping feeling throughout. The track slows down at one point to give the delusion that the band is weighing more on the groove aspect of things, only to kick the level back up to high gear at the end. This album showcases the band's ability to give you a moment to breathe while simultaneously beating you in the face with its aggression. The track "Wires" is a perfect example of this feeling as the instrumentation comes in quietly but leads immediately to a very speedy thrash song that shows off some death metal styled drumming as well. Even when the album slows things down, the rawness of the vocals cut through to capitalize on carrying the message of violence, political corruption, and inequality throughout, like in the track "The Mist". I always appreciate when bands are able to create a breakdown without ruining the feel of the song. This is perfectly done in the track "Wild", as it slows things down in a way that still delivers a punch.

"Labyrinth" starts the latter half of the album but does not disappoint with delivering on the thematic elements of aggression. Starting off at a slower pace than the rest of the album, it begins to pick up speed leading into some death metal styled drumming once again. Not only is the rawness of this album still harnessed in this track, but also the intensity is kicked up some more with some high-pitched backing vocals that is the figurative icing on the cake. The final send-off for the album is the track "The Mirage". With slow wartime like drums and waning guitar riffs, the track gives you the final feeling for this album. It is almost as if you saw a band completely destroy you for an hour and a half and they finally end their set wailing on their instruments all at once and staring into the decimation of the venue and crowd. I appreciate letting the rest of the album speak for itself and ending on a purely instrumental track.

LEFUTRAY has had a long career and quite a good amount of releases, but if you have never heard them before then this is the album to get into. Make sure you are ready to get your head knocked around and be ready to start that circle pit. <

10 / 10









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"Human Delusions" Track-listing:

1. The Wrath
2. The Wolves
3. Wires
4. The Mist
5. Wild
6. Labyrinth
7. The Waiting
8. New Blood
9. The Mirage

Lefutray Lineup:

Juan Vejar - Vocals
Cristian Olivares - Guitar
Miguel Hernandez - Bass
Yonnatan Muñoz - Drums

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