Through the Mourning Woods

Left Hand Solution

LEFT HAND SOLUTION formed in Sweden in 1991, released three albums and did some extensive […]
April 12, 2019
Left Hand Solution - Dead Winter album cover

LEFT HAND SOLUTION formed in Sweden in 1991, released three albums and did some extensive touring. The band slowly faded into obscurity for nearly two decades, until Joakim and Peter moved next door to each other, and then they came together and began working on a new album, with the original members. It's been 18 years since they released their latest album. "Through the Mourning Woods" contains six new tracks.

"Blessed be my Fallen Angel" leads us off. The opening riff it a bit trite but it gets going after a spell. I am unsure of the vocals here....something about them is off-putting. The chorus however is well done; thick and with a linear melody. "And Time Went by" is a bit more of the same sound. I can't tell if her intonation is done on purpose or not. It makes sense given the music, because it gives it a drearier sound, but it is quickly becoming annoying to this reviewer. "Return the Sun" opens with heavy power chords, and a slow pace, letting the chords ring out for more effect. They bring some melody into play in the chorus and with the guitar solo as well.

"The Bleeding Heart" features some clean guitars and more of that depressed feeling you get out of Doom Metal. The clean passages are really nice and allow your mind to expand a bit. "Stillborn" opens with doleful clean guitars and a slow, depressing sound. It has an air of mystery to it that permeates the entire song. "Fields on Fire" closes the album. It's a whopper, at over seven minutes in length. A slow, heavy riff opens with song. Some harsh vocals add another element to the sound here. I love the Death vocals and wish they had incorporated them more into the album.

I get that this is Doom Metal and I am more than willing to ride out lengthy songs till the end before forming an opinion, but this album never got off the ground. It lacks direction, and good Doom can be very exciting, but this was just very vanilla. The riffs are too simple and Mariana's voice was just not helping things for me.

5 / 10









"Through the Mourning Woods" Track-listing:

1. Blessed by my Fallen Angel
2. And Time Went by
3. Return the Sun
4. The Bleeding Heart
5. Stillborn
6. Fields on Fire

Left Hand Solution Lineup:

Mariana Frykman - Vocals
Joakim Mardstam - Guitars
Peter Selin - Bass
Erik Barthold - Drums

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