All Things Known And Buried

Left For Red

LEFT FOR RED combines Rock and Heavy Metal with a Modern feel of Metal including […]
By Craig Thrasher Rider
May 17, 2015
Left For Red - All Things Known And Buried album cover

LEFT FOR RED combines Rock and Heavy Metal with a Modern feel of Metal including sounds from bands like RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, TOOL and DEFTONES. And even have an influence from the greats IRON MAIDEN themselves. I have to give ROUGH JUSTICE a mention too as the vocals sound very similar and both bands implement the same groovy pound. Love it.

LEFT FOR RED is from England and is a very enjoyable band. Light hearted rock 'n' roll giving you that feel good vibe. High pitched vocals sound great and riffs that make me want to have a groovy thrash about. Perfect.

In the past, they have toured with the likes of CHIMAIRA, BEHOLDER, EVIL SCARECROW, SAVAGE MESSIAH and CROWBAR to name a few. You already know that these guys are not messing about when they have toured with these great bands.

To begin with the album, "All Things Known And Buried" starts off with a hype building vibe making you feel like you are at one of their concerts, the crowd goes wild, then it begins. "Master of the Game" groovy guitars and brilliant high pitched vocals combined with enjoyable pounding drums. I can imagine this being a great live opening song. This is basically the same throughout the whole album, with of course, new riffs and just epic vocals. Progressing onto "Crooked Path" and "Reborn" it's pretty much similar stuff but greatness continues as loud screams and growling are implemented. "Echoes of Strangers" is a slow thrasher. "Shatter" is the reason I mentioned ROUGH JUSTICE, high pitched Rock vocals made me, it works so well. With added instruments like the piano in "Dystopia Rising" bringing hype and energy for the next energetic song "Utopia" which is a great pounding groove thrasher itself. "Solace In Memories" ends the album with a calm sense of enjoyment while keeping the heavy pounding which made me headbang happily. The groove and the vocals are the highlight for me, really good stuff, with a hint of growling now and then too. This band has great potential.

I have to talk more about the vocals though, they are great and just generally make me feel good, the high pitch growling is such a nice touch and done perfectly.

Groovy guitars and heavy pounding drums, all in all this is a great album I can just put on repeat and I did just that while reviewing this classic.<

8 / 10


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"All Things Known And Buried" Track-listing:

1. Masters Call
2. Master of the Game
3. Crooked Path
4. Reborn
5. Echoes of Strangers
6. Shatter
7. Ascension
8. Dystopia Rising
9. Utopia
10. Solace in Memories

Left For Red Lineup:

Dan Carter - Bass
Aaron Foy - Guitar
Phil Smith - Guitar
Rob Hadley - Drums
LC - Vocals

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