Into The Night


Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: LEATHÜRBITCH; signed via High Roller […]
June 22, 2019
Leathürbitch - Into The Night album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: LEATHÜRBITCH; signed via High Roller Records, hailing from the United States of America - performing Glam/Speed Metal, on their debut album entitled: "Into The Night" (released 31/05/2019).

Since formation in 2015; the band in question have a Demo, 2 EPs and this here debut album in their discography so far (of which I am introduced to). 8 tracks ranging at around 31:86; LEATHÜRBITCH arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Glam/Speed Metal amalgamations, beginning with the cryptic introductory titular track - which conveys an electronica opening, "L.U.S.T." starts off the real retribution of rebellious ramifications. Demonstrating amplified adrenaline; boistrously bouncy energy, crunchy catchiness & a blistering barrage of frenzied flamboyancy. Forging creative blends of hasty hostility; fabricating fuelled hymns of hardened finesse, sonically seamless versatility while ultilizing uniquely old-school elements – implementing a borderline foundation of harmonic chaos & meticulous mayhem.

Consisting of Joel Stair on vocals; the frontman delivers consistently concrete lungs of high-pitched pipes that scream with vengeful vehemence, "I Want What You Got" distributes diligently composed instrumentation in which thumps with chugging gallops & ripping shreds from duo guitarists Patrick Sandiford & Sebastian Silva...crafting gnarly lacerations of rhythms that soar with roaring yet melodious manifestations of catchy complexitiy & dextrous detail. "Sleaze City" executes dynamic quirkiness; showcasing organic substance, rapidly swift nimbleness & snappy virtuosity – jumping with thunderous grooves, distinctively distinguished flair & a grandiose grandure of diverse licks in which wonder with quintessential songwriting memorability - supplying an adroit injection of infectiously inventive instrumentation, culminated with gnarly enthusiasm.

Andrew Sylvia administers concrete rumbling of riveting slabs; solidly stomping soundscapes, primitive pursuits of progressively technical musicianship & a broad landscape of rambunctious stability. "Killing The Silence" subjugates with razor-sharp subtlty; slamming, pummelling & pounding with profusely robust persistency with powerhouse drummer Meshach Babcock hammering and battering like a raging speedhorn stampeding with rampaging pace. "I'm Insane" engages in meaty weight; pumping monstrously momentous tempos that race with wildly rushing results, transistioning through traditional thrashiness to punchy overarch's of mellifluous yet savagely sinister sophistication to rock your feet & get a headbanging fix in no time – portraying experimental embellishments of distorted rawness with rough perseverence.

"The Search" converges hints of hair/glam metal varieties; providing talented systematics of fierce, and ambitious doses of full-throttle velocity. Overall concluding "Into The Night" with the crushing finale: "Killer Instinct"; I am compelled to say that LEATHÜRBITCH certainly outdone themselves with this one, a fashionable combination of characteristics and styles that exceeded all original expectations - check it out.

8 / 10









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"Into The Night" Track-listing:

1. Into the Night
2. L.U.S.T.
3. I Want What You Got
4. Sleaze City
5. Killing The Silence
6. I'm Insane
7. The Search
8. Killer Instinct

Leathürbitch Lineup:

Joel Stair - Vocals
Patrick Sandiford - Guitars
Sebastian Silva - Guitars
Andrew Sylvia - Bass
Meshach Babcock - Drums

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