Hard Truckin' Rock

Leash Eye

LEASH EYE is a Hard Southern Rock band from Warsaw in Poland formed in 1996. […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
November 14, 2013
Leash Eye - Hard Truckin' Rock album cover

LEASH EYE is a Hard Southern Rock band from Warsaw in Poland formed in 1996. Guys have released 3 albums: first "V.E.N.I." in 2009, second "V.I.C.I." and third in 2013 "Hard Truckin' Rock".

"Fight The Monster" majestically ignited the band's faculty of straight up Rock N' Roll tangling energetic riffs, slow tempo burning and a melodic collective of licks. After the former, "Me & Mr. Beam" and "S.B.F. Anthem" follows the same patterns, yet with a bit up tempo display, pumping blood to one's heart. For a while there I could feel the fun in the music as I am sure that it was making it. "The Drag" is Southern Rock, and played to near perfection, especially with the Hammond on display. "On The Run" is a stony gloom feature with low tuned guitars and slower pace al'a BLACK SABBATH. "Been Too Long" is a nice ballad similar to something out of DEEP PURPLE's guidelines, accommodating acoustic guitars at the intro point with a soothing mood building up to a fine heaviness, the vocals of Sebb reminded me of DAMAGEPLAN, especially their song "Save Me". Furthermore, and that is something interesting, lyrically LEASH EYE on "Twice Betrayed" pays tribute to Polish airmen who took part in the Battle of England. This fast tempo vehemence is perfect for a drive by in your car, simply ecstatic. Also worth to listen are: "Passing Lane Blues" in a rockin' climate with several notations of WHITESNAKE, "The Nightmare Ain't Over" kick it Stoner along with groovy PANTERA style riffs, ballad "Never Enough" with beautiful violin cradling fast melodic Rock N' Roll in "Doin' It All Wrong".

My countrymen LEASH EYE played it out amazingly. Their music is powerful, lots of determination, rather taken by American Southern Rock / Hard Rock. The album is well done, catchy, memorable, hard hitting and generally enjoyable to listen. Fans of the Rock vibe including the stony stuff will be hooked. I'm looking forward for LEASH EYE's more of these guys.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Hard Truckin' Rock" Track-listing:

1. Fight The Monster
2. Me & Mr. Beam
3. The Nightmare Ain't Over
4. Passing Lane Blues
5. S.B.F. Anthem
6. Been Too Long
7. The Drag
8. On The Run
9. Twice Betrayed
10. The Age Ov Kosmotaur
11. Doin' it all wrong
12. Never Enough

Leash Eye Lineup:

Konar - Drums / Barrels
Marecki - Bass / Growls
Voltan - Keyboards
Opath - Guitars
Sebb - Lead Vocals

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