Something Beyond


From their webpage, "Formed in 2013, LEAFLET is a four-piece Hard Rock band from Turku, […]
February 15, 2023
Leaflet - Something Beyond album cover

From their webpage, "Formed in 2013, LEAFLET is a four-piece Hard Rock band from Turku, Finland. Their music can be described as metal-infused American-style hard rock and while you might hear echoes of more well-known bands, they have their own unique Nordic flavor. "Our musical cocktail is a blend of many things. Although we love the 80s, we are trying to keep our hard rock fresh and not follow the retro route," the band says. This is their sophomore album, and it has nine songs.

"Gonna Do It" is the first. It has bluesy and fast moving riff with that Hard Rock driven sound, with harmonized vocals. It's energetic, and fist-pumping. "Resonate" has a bit more tender sound in the beginning, but in comes the big sound in the chorus. The 1980's "resonate" well in the music here, and that guitar solo is smoking. "Alone-Alive" is a slower moving song with more emotional qualities, reflecting the sentiment of the title. Female vocals appear for the first time as well, and the harmonies that they make are nicely done.

"Earth" opens with audible bass notes and a dirty, sleazy riff. Vocal harmonies are present again. Beyond that, this song falls just a little flat. I am looking forward to more energy from the band. "Johnny Two-Face" has a cool, smoother sound, where the edges are less sharp. So far, the band is offering a couple different styles of songs within the genre. The chorus is chocked full of melodies. "Shades of Black" is the shortest, with a quick poke of Punk stylings in the verses. The guitars jam quickly on that riff. Another great guitar solo follows as well.

"Someone Somewhere" is a slow, sultry grind of a heavy riff with vocal harmonies. This song also falls just a little flat. I think the band is at their best with the faster moving songs. They seem to lose a bit of energy with these slower ones. "Something Beyond" closes the album. It's an acoustical led song with tones of hope amidst the tears. Emotions run deep, and the poignant sound is sure to touch you. Overall, this was a solid album with well-done melodies and a good deal of vocal harmonies, harkening back to the 80's which undoubtedly inspired the band. There were just a couple of misses, but most of the songs were quite pleasing.

7 / 10









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"Something Beyond" Track-listing:

1. Gonna Do It
2. Resonate
3. Alone-Alive
4. Earth
5. Johnny Two-Face
6. Tattoos of Life
7. Shades of Black
8. Someone Somewhere
9. Something Beyond

Leaflet Lineup:

Jaakko 'Jazz' Leaflet - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Antti Kallio - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Fabian Korsström - Bass & Backing Vocals
Pekka Jokela - Drums

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