Hymns For The Hollow


Formed in Sweden in 2003 LEACH have released their second full length album "Hymns for […]
By Brian "Metal" Morton
February 18, 2019
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Formed in Sweden in 2003 LEACH have released their second full length album "Hymns for the Hollow". The former Melodic Death/Thrash metal band turned more towards Metalcore/Thrash later on. From what I have heard so far on the album, they make me think of HATEBREED if they joined up with SOD. The first song "The Untouchables" really kicks off the album with a bang. The vocalist who also plays guitar Markus Wikander, really reminds me of a higher pitched Jamey Jasta. "Free From All" comes on and keeps up the pace of the album. I would have to say I enjoyed the vocals on this one as well as the previous.

The third track "New Low" is pretty damn heavy. I really enjoyed the guitars played by Markus and Victor Liesto on this one. The song "Chapter Two" is by far the heaviest I have heard this far. The drums played by Joachim Dahlström are pretty sick as well as the bass played by Anders Nordlander. "We Have It All" is the fifth song on the album and slows it down a bit. It almost has a SEPULTURA feel to it which is awesome, it's like thrash meets chugs. Up next we have the song "Pragmatic Youth" which picks the pace back up. This song is definitely one you will be banging your head to, maybe even starting a pit in your living room. This is the most energetic song I have heard so far and I really enjoyed it.

"Framgångssagan" really seems to have some Punk roots. This song is really groovy on top of being a bad ass song. My only quarrel with it, is that it's only a minute and a half long. I could've listened to at least a few more minutes. But that's not much of a complaint because it was still really good. "End of an Era" reminds me of early 80's Thrash with a modern twist. All in all this song is pretty damn good.  "The Prey" is a bit slower and darker than any of the other songs so far. This is one song I will definitely be listening to for a while. This may be my favorite song, but we will have to see what these last two songs bring to the table.

"Do it" is actually pretty brutal and highly energetic. If you mixed Hardcore with Thrash and Punk, that would be this song. I absolutely enjoyed every second of this song. It is going to be hard to pick between this and the previous tracks as my favorite. The final song on this album is "Hymn for the Hollow". This song is the complete opposite of everything else on the album. Slow and acoustic and has a deep and depressive sound. I really really enjoyed this one and I think it was a wonderful ending to this fast paced album.

7 / 10









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"Hymns For The Hollow" Track-listing:

1. The Untouchables
2. Free From All
3. New Low
4. Chapter Two
5. We Have It All
6. Pragmatic Youth
7. Framgångssagan
8. End of an Era
9. The Prey
10. Do It
11. Hymn for the Hollow

Leach Lineup:

Markus Wikander - Guitar/Vocals
Anders Nordlander - Bass
Joachim Dahlström - Drums
Victor Liesto - Guitars

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