Creatures Of Habit

Lawless Hearts

LAWLESS HEARTS is a female fronted Rock band from Jacksonville, Florida in USA formed in […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
May 22, 2015
Lawless Hearts - Creatures Of Habit album cover

LAWLESS HEARTS is a female fronted Rock band from Jacksonville, Florida in USA formed in 2009. Their inspirations are BON JOVI, GUNS N ROSES, LED ZEPELLIN, BOSTON and FOO FIGHTERS which is listenable in their energetic songs. Their new EP "Creatures Of Habit" was released on April 2015.

I like track "Oblivion" with rockin' riffs in Hard Rock climate and Pop echoes. Very memorable chorus dig into the listener's mind for a long time. Frontwoman Alex Marie has incredible clear vocals with Rock 'N' Roll influences. It could be potential hit in the radio! In titled track "Creatures Of Habit" are modern sounds with clear rhythmical section and amazing melodic guitars in Hard Rock climate. I love the female vocalist, because she is singing in a melodic way with clear lyrics. This song is catchy with a fabulous guitar solo!

"Fallout" is totally great with gentle opening with acoustic guitar & gentle singing. Then brilliant choir sounds gorgeous with a mix of male & female voices in chorus. Refrain is in higher atmosphere with many melody. Lovely track which is so memorable! Melodic choir opens energetic "If I Have To" where there are rockin' riffs with commercial echoes and fantastic homages to FOO FIGHTERS.

Summing up, the new album of LAWLESS HEARTS is well done. I like their music and can't wait to listen new songs from them. I wish them good luck on their musical journey. Every song is  another scheme, another idea. Generally their music would be loved by listeners of BON JOVI, LED ZEPPELIN, BOSTON and for every lover who wants to explore beauty in Rock music.

8 / 10


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"Creatures Of Habit" Track-listing:

1. Creatures Of Habit
2. If I Have To
3. Oblivion
4. Fallout

Lawless Hearts Lineup:

Alex Marie - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Mike Thomas - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Justus Sutherland - Rhythm guitar
Rob Joseph - Bass Guitar, Backing vox
Corey Ahlquist - Drums

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