Calm Before The Storm

Lauren Harris

Yes, I am thinking exactly what you are thinking; if this girl did not have […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
June 2, 2008
Lauren Harris - Calm Before The Storm album cover

Yes, I am thinking exactly what you are thinking; if this girl did not have Steve Harris for dad then Metal Temple would not bother to review her debut album.
Most of you have also witnessed Lauren's live appearance as the opening act for IRON MAIDEN latest concert in Greece and had some troubles with her vocals. Indeed that night she did not earn us with her voice but with her hot looks and actually really good on-stage presence. So, there we have it debut album that as expected has some guest appearances from her dad and his distinct bass guitar doodle.
Without wasting your and my time I have to clear this out; this is not a Metal album. It has some Rock elements scattered here and there that continue to exist through the pretty good guitar work in songs like the groovy Steal Your Fire, Get Over It or Hit Or Miss where I managed to pull out some AC/DC finishing touches in the rhythm guitars.
If you listen more (well if you manage) then you will discover a vintage feeling that could get you to the 70s Hard Rock and this might be Steve's influence or if you don't my saying legacy to his daughter. Lauren has a very good and melodic voice that make me thing that something was wrong that night when she and her band opened for IRON MAIDEN. Some influences I can mention, based on my rather poor knowledge on this sound, are Sheryl Crow (well without her the country profile) like in See Through and Alanis Morissette especially during the clean guitar moments. The sound production is perfect keeping a Rock attitude especially in the guitars while bringing out Lauren's very good voice.
I don't think I can add anything else in this review apart from this piece of advice; listen to some tracks in her MySpace  before you even think buying this one. And something last; there is a bonus track that is a nothing special cover version to  UFO's Natural Thing.

 Lauren Harris - Get Over It

"Calm Before The Storm" Track-listing:

Steal Your Fire
Your Turn
Get Over It
Like It Or Not
From The Bottom To The Top
Let Us Be
Hurry Up
Come On Over
Hit Or Miss
See Through
You Say
Natural Thing

Lauren Harris Lineup:

Lauren Harris - Vocals
Randy Gregg - Bass
Tommy Mc  - Drums
Richie Faulkner - Guitar

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