LATIR is a Doom Metal/Avant Garde metal group formed in 2019 in the mountains of […]
October 22, 2020
Latir - Vertiente album cover

LATIR is a Doom Metal/Avant Garde metal group formed in 2019 in the mountains of Córdoba, Argentina. Founding members are Gastón Praddaude (vocals, guitars, keyboards) and Andrés Gualco (drums). For the debut EP, they also teamed up with Juan Manuel Llanos (bass) and Cristian Gimenez (percussion). "Vertiente" is a four-track album which showcases the doom, atmospheric music of LATIR.

"Sueños de antiguas madres" opens the album. It takes just a little bit before the main riff drops. It's definitely Doomy in nature, with a heavy rhythm section, some floating bass notes, and some whirling lead guitars notes that leave you wondering where you are suddenly. This instrumental is a good start to the album, swirling with ominous tones. "Vertiente" has another long lead-in, with some clean guitars and a somber tone. When the main riff drops, hopeful tones escape from the heavy sound. Low, clean vocals are but a whisper here, pushing the doomy elements with a cautious delivery. Trippy lead guitars take over at the half-way mark, and the song finishes on a despondent tone.

"La serpiente que danza en nuestras sombras" opens with a weighted riff, and some somber tones. The guitars build layers of angry, hateful sounds, while the drums work away slowly with plenty of toms. The guitars then take a back seat for just a bit while these chanted vocals whisper in the background. It picks up speed, with drums working at double pace. It builds to a crescendo with harrowing tones towards the end. "Donde se quiebra el tiempo" closes the EP. It opens with dissonant guitars and a slow, pounding mid-section. Some lead notes take the song to another place altogether, and this is where some of the Avant Garde influences materialize. The vocals are light and airy at times, while being menacing at other times. They are quite good at that balance.

Overall, this was a promising debut EP from a new band out of Argentina, that already seems to have command of the two genres, blending them in unique ways, where one does not take over the other. In just four songs, I definitely have the sense of what the band is trying to accomplish, and I think they met their mark here quite well. Fans of Doom/Avant Garde music in any fashion will find this to their liking, for sure, and I will keep them on my radar for their debut full-length.

8 / 10









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"Vertiente" Track-listing:

1. Sueños de antiguas madres
2. Vertiente
3. La serpiente que danza en nuestras sombras
4. Donde se quiebra el tiempo

Latir Lineup:

Andrés Gualco - Drums
Gastón Praddaude - Guitar, Vocals, Bass & Keyboards/Synths

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