Saturn Skyline

Last Autumns Dream

Saturn Skyline sees the fourth release by this Swedish EUROPE-related gang (see below). Originally released […]
By Grigoris Chronis
March 3, 2007
Last Autumns Dream - Saturn Skyline album cover

Saturn Skyline sees the fourth release by this Swedish EUROPE-related gang (see below). Originally released in Japan a couple of months ago, Escape Music bring this album to the European market too.
When EUROPE members John Leven (bass), Ian Haughland (drums) and Michael Michaeli (keyboards) assembled the LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM project in 2003 - along with beautiful singer Mikeal Erlandsson and fellow axeman Andy Melecek, a good light for some EUROPE-an legacy to carry on was born. Then, the multi-platinum Swedish hardrockers' reunion set some things 'abnormal' - even if the first two LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM releases (the fist featuring the original lineup) were notable enough (especially in the Land of the Rising Sun). Afterwards, it was all about EUROPE back on the road. Have not yet hear the 2005  follow up Winter In Paradise but - judging from the CD here reviewed - could it be that so-and-so?
To expand: The Erlandsson/Malecek duo welcomes the TALISMAN rhythm section in the project's ranks and all hope is high for the new cut. Still, the production is weak enough to unfold some interesting - to tell the truth - melodies. Then, these melodies do not seem 'bonded' enough themselves, resulting in a non-equilibrium tracklist (this, for many, is not an advantage in a band like this, on the other hand...). The album starts off really nice with some great tunes like For The Young And The Wild and Pages - plus the favorite Critical in the middle of the CD - but even if the quartet has enough appetite to feed the listener with good 'Swedish Hard Rock-meets-MALMSTEEN-meets-AOR' music, the key is somehow lost on the way. It must be the production...
I'd expect something more from Malecek's/Jacob's/Borger's playing. Erlandsson's voice is warm and fine, instead. Judge for yourselves...

5 / 10


"Saturn Skyline" Track-listing:

For The Young And The Wild
After Tomorrow's' Gone
Rock 'n Roll Is Saving My Soul
I Know A Lot About Love
Frozen Heart
American Girl
Still On The Run

Last Autumns Dream Lineup:

Mikael Erlandsson - Vocals
Andy Malecek - Guitars
Marcel Jacob - Bass
Jamie Borger - Drums

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