The Downfall Of Humanity

Lapis Lazuli

LAPIS LAZULI is a female fronted Symphonic Metal band from Hammerdal/Stockholm/Piteå in Sweden. The band […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
April 1, 2015
Lapis Lazuli - The Downfall Of Humanity album cover

LAPIS LAZULI is a female fronted Symphonic Metal band from Hammerdal/Stockholm/Piteå in Sweden. The band was formed in 2015 and released: "Last Hour" (Demo in 2006), "My Mortal Stain" (CD in 2010), "A Loss Made Forever" ( CD in 2011), "A Justified Loss" (CD in 2011), "Lost" (CD in 2013) and on 20th February 2015 an album, "The Downfall of Humanity".

Opening "Prelude to Destruction" has fine calmer Symphonic vibes with Opera singing. Stronger guitars with gorgeous keys in "The Downfall of Humanity: The Downfall" sound amazing and violins in the background give true beauty to this track. Vocalist Cecilia Kamf singing in Soprano style and this is wonderful. Surely everyone who loves Tarja Turunen (NIGHTWSH) will love her professional vocal too. Growling Timo Hautamäki in "The Downfall of Humanity: The Fallen" together with fast rate in Death Metal style and Symphonic fabulous elements are just great! Impressive sounds are so melodic together with brilliant Opera singing,

I love so much "The Downfall of Humanity: Eternal Night" which  opens by fine vocals in NIGHTWISH style, heavier riffs and very melodic! Singing by both vocalists and violins create a magical atmosphere. Also here are changeable vibes - from calmer with piano to heavier ones. Wonderful singing in Opera style in track "Breaking the Chains" making very memorable chorus and brilliant violins, catchy riffs with drums building high atmosphere. Also "Perilous Sleep" is worth to listen with these melodic heavier riffs, faster rate of drums and fantastic higher beautiful Opera singing. Dynamic and Symphonic elements, impressive melodic sounds similar to WITHIN TEMPTATION, NIGHTWISH, EPICA and DELAIN style.

Over 7 minutes lasting "Stay With Me" has nice gentle calmer open with piano and violins. Then heavier guitar riffs add more kick-ass style. I like Opera singing by female vocalist and together with growling, it works together perfectly. Here is changeable rate from calm with piano and violins and Symphonic style to stronger massive guitars. Song "Left Behind" has fine sounds calmer ballad style in opening and great stronger riffs which sounds stunning with perfectly played violins and fantastic Opera vocal. At the end bands shows romantic side in "A World in Ruins" with gentle violins, orchestral echoes & Epic climate.

LAPIS LAZULI play wonderful music with melody and passion. Symphonic Metal is amazing in their performance together with Modern echoes and Progressive, and even Death Metal echoes with the enchanting vocals of their singer, and each track tells a different story and have their own identity. Surely every female fronted band Metal lover will be in seventh heaven during listening this album. I recommend sincere this album especially for fans of WITHIN TEMPTATION, NIGHTWISH, EPICA and DELAIN. Generally the songs are well-worked with melody, power, energy, passion of playing music; perfection and experience throughout. You will be not disappointed after listening this album of Swedish Metallers. You just fall in love with their sounds! This music and wonderful vocal of Cecilia Kamf is addicting and hypnotizing.

10 / 10


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"The Downfall Of Humanity" Track-listing:

1. Prelude to Destruction
2. The Downfall of Humanity: The Downfall
3. Stay With Me
4. Perilous Sleep
5. The Downfall of Humanity: The Fallen
6. Left Behind
7. Breaking the Chains
8. The Downfall of Humanity: Eternal Night
9. A World in Ruins 

Lapis Lazuli Lineup:

Henrik Nyman - Bass
Jocke Ivarsson - Drums
Tobias Rhodin - Guitars
Timo Hautamäki - Keyboards, Vocals
Cecilia Kamf - Vocals (female)

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