X To The Power Of Ten


Well, LANFEAR  is a Prog/power Metal quintet from Germany and - taking into account the […]
By Nikos Nezeritis
August 26, 2008
Lanfear - X To The Power Of Ten album cover

Well, LANFEAR  is a Prog/power Metal quintet from Germany and - taking into account the great music tradition of this country, including some very skillful and legendary Prog bands - I was expecting to dig this material. To my vast disappointment, I quite did not.
This one, being full of some Power metal cliches, with 11 very typical and more-Power-than-Progressive Metal tracks, failed to impress me. There are some not bad riffs but on the whole I'm sorry to say that the guitar work is not good at all. Especially the soloing part is really below average and sadly in this genre some decent shredding or at least clever soloing is awfully needed. Also, the keyboards could give something to the final result, since they are apt to use electronic sounds rather than the usual rapid harpsichord thingies and they certainly have their moments.
However, they do not always fit the songs well and this might also be due to the production which although mostly clear, is not as balanced as it should. The rhythm section also does its job and the vocals are not bad at all, being in the well-known high-pitched spirit of this genre. Yet, the vocal lines and the songwriting on the whole are not strong enough, I fear.

4 / 10

Nothing special

"X To The Power Of Ten" Track-listing:

Enter Dystopia
My Will Be Done
Brave New Men
The Question Keeper
Jugglin' At The Edge
Just Another Broken Shell
A Twin Phenomenon
The Art Of Being Alone
Seeds Of The Plague

Lanfear Lineup:

Nuno Miguel De Barros Fernandes - Vocals
Markus Ullrich - Guitars
Richie Seibel - Keyboards
Kai Schindelar - Bass
Jurgen Schrank - Drums

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