The Turning Point


Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: LANDFALL; signed via Frontiers Music […]
November 3, 2020
Landfall - The Turning Point album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: LANDFALL; signed via Frontiers Music SRL, hailing from Brazilian grounds - performing Classic Melodic Rock, on their debut Full-Length Album entitled: "The Turning Point" (released September 4th, 2020).

The quartet in question have only this here debut album in their discography so far entitled: "The Turning Point". 11 tracks ranging at around 46:34 LANDFALL arranges an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Classic Melodic Rock developments.

Opening up with the atmospheric airways of "Rush Hour"; the riffing strums overtake your speakers with wildly rushing synergy, amplified adrenaline and boisterously bouncy fretworks in which revel with sonically seamless melodies in a hardened but harmonic strife. Trailblazing with a borderline foundation of jumpy yet rip-roaring punchiness with sturdy ramifications that tear into eardrums like a killer laceration of rattling bombardments, elsewhere...the vocals embellish in on this clean but high-pitched tremor that surge with screaming yet mellifluous euphony...Ethereal catchiness implements an enriching systematic of symphonic but not so linear Classic AoR 80s Rock/Metal that manifests this thunderous pursuit on riveting rhythms that will tap feets and bop heads in no time. Skilfully resulting with this uniquely versatile vehemence on romanticising that territory with angelic craftsmanship attributes, and flamboyant firepower expertise...elemening a hint of some electronica beats for good measure...with an imploding oomph near the end.

Consisting of Gui Oliver the frontman excels at a heavenly aesthetic in his cords; that yell with screaming remedy, while "No Way Out" creates a dynamic panache on razor-sharp hymns and fluidly polished resonance that will offer this healthy dose of upbeat anthems and acoustic finesse with this ballad-esquire, but cutting edge fabrication that showcases this spiritual yet vibrantly quirky snappiness with a blistering barrage of rapidly swift nimbleness and chiselling density from Marcelo Gelbcke who shreds with this meticulous substance on organically profuse robustness. Harnessing a dexterously detailed drilling that snares with chugging frolics, galloping weightiness & tight triggers, with this sulfurous yet buoyant choir chants and mesmerizingly majestic soundscape where thrilling tempos both high as well as low merge together well with otherworldly yet sublime sensation.

"Jane's Carousel" contrasts a complexly bristling immersion on inventive cheeriness, chirpy but hybrid grinds culminates into this acoustic but exuberant rift with captivating but crisp experimentation on salubriously zestful crunchiness. Felipe Souzza on the hammering drums batters his set with stompy, steely precision. Pummelling with pounding smacks, with sometimes soft yet wondrous rumbles that reverberate with trembling yet rambunctious quakes within the drum cymbal chunkiness. "Across The Street" is a jamboree of dramatic yet persevering persistency on merry jingles with sophisticated crescendos in which make use of some hypnotic harmonica, until more raw rowdiness juxtapose with the silver-lining contingency of energetic breakdowns and groundbreaking grandures of marvellously momentous maelstrom performances that solidify this weighty yet professional representation.

"Don't Come Easy" presents this softer tone; miscellaneously orchestrating pianist keys, operatic voice patterns and acoustic fused electric guitars while this audible injection of some venomously thumpy bass audibility from Thiago Forbeci exhilarates these rampantly rompy piledrives that strikes while tempestuously rising with this expanding but dramatically epic finish - oscillating through some spellbinding yet magnetising songwriting musicianship that distil into an acutely strong yet increasing guitar trud while the symphonious but acoustic aptitude remains present. "Taxi Driver" pierces through with more of those brisk grooves, until this fine embodiment of some nice solos & bassline breakdowns flourish through until more looping towards some high-octane revelations & resounding impacts. "Distant Love" features aforementioned characteristics where they come across as stereotypically radio-friendly but still skyrocketing with quintessential virtuosity, and easy-listening hallmarks that will surely surprise you tenfold with this calming but divine intervention.

"Roundabout" brings forth lively kicks fuelling a brimming arsenal of upbeat choruses; intertwined with singing apprehension, engaging on intriguing instrumental equalities and tasteful stringing hooks that revolve around a consistently alluring rhythm section. While "Road Of Dreams" makes ultimate use of those harmonious but dreamy key inputs, establishing a soaring yet tuneful pursuit on this joyfully satisfying vibrato while repelling through feel-good musicalities & elegantly exquisite elan. The penultimate track: "Hope Hill" ambiently begins with the sound of this rainfall & emotive keys with choir-like enchantments...until unleashing sanguine lyricism, and a hallelujah sense of happiness where they tell you to live for the day as it comes...appreciating your worth & the steps you take regardless of whatever situation. An excitingly fun track to lift your spirits up to, as is the rest of the record.

Overall concluding "The Turning Point" with the finale epic and optimistic pleaser "Sound Of The City"; which brilliantly closes the record with this motivating yet progressively stylish resolution, I am compelled to say that LANDFALL surely outdone themselves with this one. It is an incredible debut, revealing lots of promise for future endeavours but can it be topped? Only time will tell. But for the meantime, this is a great discovery that will most definitely be worth the time & money with undoubtedly lots of replayability value...give it a spin or 3, you won't regret it.

8 / 10









"The Turning Point" Track-listing:

1. Rush Hour
2. No Way Out
3. Jane's Carousel
4. Across The Street
5. Don't Come Easy
6. Taxi Driver
7. Distant Love
8. Roundabout
9. Road Of Dreams
10. Hope Hill
11. Sound Of The City

Landfall Lineup:

Gui Oliver - Vocals
Felipe Souzza - Drums
Marcelo Gelbcke - Guitars
Thiago Forbeci - Bass

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