A Darker Discharge

Lament Cityscape

LAMENT CITYSCAPE have created their industrial metal nightmare with the release of "A Darker Discharge," […]
June 22, 2022
Lament Cityscape - A Darker Discharge album cover

LAMENT CITYSCAPE have created their industrial metal nightmare with the release of "A Darker Discharge," which is their label debut. Everything about it will chill you to the bone. The album begins ominously with "Ocean of Fuses," which feels like if DEFTONES went full on industrial. It transitions effortlessly into "All These Wires," which could be an industrial metal anthem. It really feels as if the band members went into a junkyard and found whatever they could to make music with, and I mean that in a good way. I like the intensity of the third song "Another Arc." The first three songs are fairly short and pass in a blink, however, they move into much longer, more perilous tracks.

I once got to explore a giant abandoned warehouse with a maze of creepy rooms and old machinery in the dark of night with a storm brewing, wielding nothing but phone flashlights and the hope that nothing was lurking in the shadows. If I could put a soundtrack to that night, it would be "Innocence of Shared Experiences." This song is an echo of the unease of turning those dark corners and observing all that once was - the emptiness in such a large space. But there was also a deep curiosity, which resonates here. Now, the next song "The Under Dark" is what I imagine it would feel like if something had been waiting for us in the dark, forgotten rooms of that building. It's the sound of sheer horror.

In this nightmare, things just continue to get more terrifying with "Where the Walls Used to Be." There's certainly an emphasis on creating spine-chilling sounds on this album. The vocals tend to sound distant and overpowered by the noise of everything else. A lot of the album feels like a slow, daunting trek into the most horrifying soundscape. But every once in a while things speed up and become intense like at the beginning of "Part of the Mother," but they always go back to the waiting, creeping around the corner just before the jump scare.

As a potential soundtrack for a horror film this 100 percent works, but as something I would just want to sit and listen to regularly, count me out. I would love to see how good of musicians these guys probably are if they weren't just creating spooky noises, but everything serves a purpose.

4 / 10

Nothing special








"A Darker Discharge" Track-listing:

1. Ocean of Fuses
2. All These Wires
3. Another Arc
4. Innocence of Shared Experiences
5. The Under Dark
6. Where The Walls Used to Be
7. Part of the Mother

Lament Cityscape Lineup:

Mike McClatchey
Peter Layman
Jim Willig
Seánan McCullough

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