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Well, I have returned, I know it has been some time but here I am! […]
By Brandy
February 28, 2006
Lamb Of God - Killadelphia album cover

Well, I have returned, I know it has been some time but here I am! I have been eager to get back to work and what a review to come back to! It is the new release from Lamb of God, Killadelphia. I went to see these guys last year during the summer, and I had such a great time. They feed off the atmosphere around them, and they really know how to bring a live life...
I love Lamb Of God as most other metal heads do. I would say that this band has some of the most creative and influential guitar works in the history of metal. If you aren't a listener of them then let me put it into terms for you: Randy Blythe's vocals are like an earthquake to the ears, Mark Morton and Willie Adler's guitar play just tear you up, John Campbell's bass skills make it seem like you got nailed in the stomach with a nail gun, and Chris Adler on drums is like putting the worlds best marksman on a. 50 Caliber machine gun.
Killadelphia shows how Lamb Of God lives on the road with good times and bad times. There are many great songs that are featured in the live concert footage such as Black Label  and Laid to Rest . The boys start off with Laid to Rest from their Ashes of the Wake  disc and then pretty much split the set list equally with material from their other albums As the Palaces Burn  and New American Gospel .
In Laid to Rest, the guitar isn't completely heard at parts, mainly during Chris Adler's powerful drumming, which wasn't exactly terrible, but what can you expect out of a live show. As The Palaces Burn had to be my favorite song. The track starts off very intense like and it really is a showcase of what Randy can do. He nails every note on this track perfectly. Mark and WIllie also play good leads and nail the solo. Terror  and Hubris In The House Of Frank Poland  starts out right after 11th hour , no count off but the last notes of 11th hour  become the first in this one. Great song live, much better then on the album, the song really comes to life live. Good guitar work at the beginning but seems to drag on forever. What I've Become sounds great live as well. It starts out with a good guitar line then Randy grunts and the song continues. This song shows just how well Randy can use his voice, alternating between high and low screams he shows how amazing he really is. All in all, the CD was really good, and I am sure the DVD is even better.
The thing I liked most about it is that the guys do an amazing show live, they were always where they needed to be throughout the entire album and I must say GREAT instrumental work all around. There are things that slightly bothered me, the bassist was very seldom heard, which is important to me to hear in a band's performance. It sets the mood for any song in my own opinion. Randy sounded a little incoherent at times, and I think that it kind of blended into one big song. I usually like it when the bands talk to the audience and things and seeing how they are feeling.
I recommend this album, especially if you like Lamb of God. They deliver a good performance which I have had the privilege to see once at the New Daisy here in Memphis, Tennessee, and loved them, and I do hope to see again.

8 / 10


"Killadelphia" Track-listing:

Intro(Live in Philadelphia)
Laid To Rest
As The Palaces Burn
Now You've Got Something To Die For
11th Hour
Terror & Hubris in the House of Frank Pollard
The Faded Line
The Subtle Arts of Murder and Persuasion
What I've Become
Black Label

Lamb Of God Lineup:

Randy Blythe - Vocals
Mark Morton - Guitar
Will Adler - Guitar
John Cambell - Bass
Chris Adler - Drums

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