Packed with explosions of riveting riffs, LAGUARIA have managed to compact a whole new set […]
By Isha Shah
March 22, 2015
Laguaria - Bonkers album cover

Packed with explosions of riveting riffs, LAGUARIA have managed to compact a whole new set of explosives into this five-tracked EP titled "Bonkers". Opening the EP with a slow start, 'The Cat's Out of the Bag" changes things up with a Hardcore riff but loses all connection halfway through. Trying too hard to work with the various elements combined, the band really needs to stick to one tempo rather than chucking in different paces. The clean vocals within this song are stretched, causing a mediocre tone.

As a relatively new band, LAGUARIA seem to putting to much into one track, as none of them are constructive to follow the next.  "'Till I Bend and Break" has a huge OF MICE & MEN tone to it, highlighting their Metalcore ability. This would have to be the only track where the cleans are acceptable. Standing alone, it does not fit in within the EP, making it sound like a single.

Despite the vocals being a bit undeveloped, the band needs more time to work on this and find their sound, as instrumentally they appear to be thriving. Sure, the EP is quirky in its own sense, with heavy riffs and typical beats; there are only two songs that seem worthy of a listen.

I honestly do not know what they were thinking, adding the "Pirate Song". Not sure if this track was a joke, or they have completely lost their minds, but it certainty sends the EP off guard. Alone, this track can be quite enjoyable. To say that it may be their work composed, shows how random this band truly is. Packed jolly fast pace guitar tones, the song takes a metal adaptation to your typical pirate song, adding in another irrelevant twist. The bridge builds onto a "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme song before reverting to an ASKING ALEXANDRIA breakdown. What a combination?

It's always a surprise as to what to expect with this band, as "Pill Bottles" band in some of their roughest work. An element of funk is infused halfway through, which mixes the track up a little. I guess you have to give the band a little credit for trying to be different in such a generic world? However, there is a line and they have crossed it. Just get rid of the whiney cleans and you should be halfway on the road to recovery.<

4 / 10

Nothing special

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"Bonkers" Track-listing:

1. The Cat's Out of the Bag
2. 'Til I Bend and Break
3. Pirate Song
4. Bonkers
5. Pill Bottles

Laguaria Lineup:


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