Lady Reaper

Lady Reaper

Italy has yet came up with the goods and becoming a major centre for young […]
By Paulomaniaco
April 23, 2015
Lady Reaper - Lady Reaper album cover

Italy has yet came up with the goods and becoming a major centre for young and aspiring heavy metal bands, LADY REAPER is a young metal band with lots of energy and positive attitude, their music sounds very fresh and it 's totally metal.

Formed in Rome in 2011 they now release their first full length album entitled "Lady Reaper" and it is a mix of power metal and speed metal and the music is very vibrant and positive.

These young Italians musicians really know in how to put a party and "Lady Reaper" is all about that, first track "Spit Out From Hell" excellent guitars with sharp riffs and the vocals are very loud and sharp as well, the NWBHM is well and alive but in Italy, lots of melodies and catching chorus, "Dr. Chainsaw" one of my favorite track, it has a special feeling in this song with the vocals singing beautifully, fucking cool riffs cutting flesh like a chainsaw and the melodies are amazing, fans of SKULL FIST, ENFORCER will love this album, I do, and the solos are excellent, top notch!!!

"Catching The Moon" another great song, beginning like a ballad and with a slower tempo it delivers excellent vocals and a lesson of guitar, all over the place with cool riffs and nice solos and the song title "Lady Reaper" delivers more power and action, very intense with great chorus and very heavy as well, I mean this is an album for the diehard headbanger with no trends whatsoever and no posers either, "Aces Of Heart" great bass work  with lots of variation in the song and lots of solos as well which I enjoy very much.

"Tomahawk" also a very cool song with lots of guitar work and catching chorus and tones of solos, last song on the album is "When Jeckll Becomes Hyde" heavy song and aggressive, again the guitars do a great job and the vocals deliver lots of power, a very good song to end the show, LADY REAPER have indeed put out a great album, very energetic and very positive as well, the production is excellent, no complaints whatsoever and the art work also is top notch.

10 / 10


"Lady Reaper" Track-listing:

1. Spit Out from Hell
2. Dr. Chainsaw
3. Catch The Moon
4. Lady Reaper
5. Ace Of Hearts
6. Tomahawk
7. When Jeckyll Becomes Hyde

Lady Reaper Lineup:

Simone Iron - Vocals
Stefano Jeckll - Guitar
Frederico Red - Guitar
Gabriele Gime - Bass
Berardo Bear - Drums

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