Man In The Moon

L.A. Guns

When someone mentions the LA music scene, Tracii Guns comes automatically to mind. Yes, although, […]
By Dimitra Zertopouli
April 28, 2002
L.A. Guns - Man In The Moon album cover

When someone mentions the LA music scene, Tracii Guns comes automatically to mind. Yes, although, Mr. Guns started Guns N' Roses, a band that had huge success and sold millions of albums, L.A. Guns is the definition of L.A.'s Sleaze Rock.
Man In The Moon is an album that features the original L.A. Guns line-up (well almost, bassist Kelly Nickels isn't around), dealing with what they know best, '80s Hard Rock with a few traces of Punk. It feels good listening to Tracii's aggressive guitar playing combined with the uniquely strange vocals of Phil Lewis once again, while the rhythm section, Steve Riley and Muddy, provides a steady base for them. To complete this almost perfect picture former Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke handles the production and Phil Soussan the mastering.
The album starts with an amazing rocket, the self-titled song, but it continues with the weak  Beautiful. Good Thing has a great swinging tune, plus Guns provides one of his catchier riffs. Spider's Web, Hypnotize and Fast Talkin' Dream Dealer are the best hard rocking tunes of the album, with big guitars, fast up-tempo beat and aggressive attitude. Don't Drive Me Crazy, that is my favorite, is a mid tempo song which starts with a sliding guitar sound, has great lyrics, a brilliant guitar solo and Lewis' vocals make it simply perfect! Out Of Sight has a boogie rhythm and Turn It Around is mellow ballad. The albums closes with Scream, a strong Rock N' Roll song that will  be perfect in live shows.
Man In The Moon is a confirmation that this music era is still alive and kicking (asses!!). I'm sure that this album have already made many of the old L.A. Guns fans (who were lost because of the constant line-up changings, breaking ups etc.) return to their ranks.

7 / 10


"Man In The Moon" Track-listing:

Man In The Moon
Good Thing
Spider's Web
Don't Call Me Crazy
Fast Talking Dream Dealer
Out Of Sight
Turn It Around

L.A. Guns Lineup:

Tracii Guns - guitars
Phil Lewis - vocals
Steve Riley - drums
Muddy - bass
Mick Cripps - keyboards

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