Formed in 2011 and calling Quebec, Canada home, KRYSTALYAN presents their first full-length album, entitled […]
February 9, 2016
Krystalyan - Undefined album cover

Formed in 2011 and calling Quebec, Canada home, KRYSTALYAN presents their first full-length album, entitled "Undefined."

"The Exit" is the opening track of ten. Following tortured moans and cries at the footsteps of some sort of wicked captor, the main riff opens with guitar harmonies and vocals fry done mostly in a higher range. "Descending" makes good use of subtle melodies that support the main chaos of the track. Though the sound is closer to the Death side of the genre than the Melodic side, the presence of both in unequal doses still makes for a nice combination.

"Delirium" is the first song that brings in some variegate to what has been heard so far with the soft but sinister opening. What comes after is a more mid-tempo grind that allows more of the dark sound to come through. Some brief clean vocals add texture. "Obsession" has that dominating opening lead guitar riff that shines brightly and shoots the melody to the forefront of the song. But tempering this is a canvas of hard driving riffs and nimble percussion that keep the brutality strong.

"Escape From Fear" is more unabashed from the start with a swift main riff and plenty of vocal prowess. "New Dawn" delves more deeply into some sweetness at times with the use of twin guitar harmonies right at the proper parts, and a fitting lead solo towards the end of the song that is accompanied by clean vocals. The title track, "Undefined" is the longest song on the album at around seven minutes in length. It has a long lead-in to build the sound from the ground up. It has a slower pace and flirts with some Doomy elements at times and for me is the most favorable song on the album.

"Confusion" is the shortest and closes the album. I like the immediate impact that the guitar melodies make in establishing the main sound, and the clean female vocals which really take the album to a whole other place. It makes the darker elements of the vocals fry hit that much harder.

Finally, I find this to be an honest first effort from a newer band in the genre. They keep the game-plan relatively simple with straightforward riffing and basic metering that make for an easy listening experience. One thing I noted was the relative lack of a big chorus in most tracks, which is often a viable part of the Melodic Death Metal genre.

7 / 10


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"Undefined" Track-listing:

1. The Exit
2. Leap Of Faith
3. Descending
4. Delirium
5. Obsession
6. Trust The Tempest
7. Escape From Fear
8. New Dawn
9. Undefined
10. Confusion

Krystalyan Lineup:

Bryan Bergeron - Vocals
Kari Fortin - Drums
Christopher Tremblay - Guitar
Yannick Tremblay - Lead Guitar
Raymond Werugia - Bass

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