Southern Storm


This Brazilian malevolent force of brutality has many friends expressing clear and straight their sympathy […]
By Yiannis Doukas
July 29, 2008
Krisiun - Southern Storm album cover

This Brazilian malevolent force of brutality has many friends expressing clear and straight their sympathy for their music, including me. Their live performances are very good, a fountain of pleasure and headbanging. On the other hand, although their music has many technical moments, probably 'cause of their origin, they always manage to keep their brutal element inside.
Following the band for many years and as I am looking their discography now I feel that a big step was the Works Of Carnage CD back in 2003. The compositions became simpler, more to the point if you want, while their sound gained a more poisonous face carrying a determined character raising the inner power of their music. The previous album, AssassiNation, was in the same paths and so is their fourth coming, Southern Storm.
Unfortunately their new step is not as satisfying as the older ones. With the beginning of Slaying Steel the main riff is one of those that has been used may times in the past, assuaging my avidity of hearing their new album. This feel follows me for the next five songs; not disappointment since the songs are not bad, but a little boredom for their riffing. To be honest, this time all of their basic elements have been reaching a better limit and if I looked that way Southern Storm looks better from their previous two albums but KRISIUN are playing in standard forms avoiding exploring something new that will give birth to a more enthusiasm for their listeners.
The seventh song is good, basically it has a very good riff and the cover on SEPULTURA's Refuse/ Resist has not a meaning in my humble opinion since it's just the same song played in the same way. The last songs, including the acoustic intro Black Wind, look more interesting with Contradiction Of Decay being a sonic tornado and Sons Of Pest having somewhere hidden a POSSESSED lunacy.
The band's performance is as always great, Moyses' guitar work specially in soloing is a coalescence of different influences, tormenting his tremolo, Max's double bass is so precise and unstoppable creating a wall of aggravated assault and Alex's voice is as man eating as before. Southern Storm will be a good record for any fan completely unfamiliar with KRISIUN or their devoted fans, but for the others I don't believe that it will bring any serious pleasure.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Southern Storm" Track-listing:

Slaying Steel
Sentenced Morning
Twisting Sights
Combustion Inferno
Massacre Under The Sun
Bleeding Offers
Origin Of Terror
Contradictions Of Decay
Sons Of Pest
Black Wind
Whore Of The Unlight

Krisiun Lineup:

Alex Carnargo - Bass, Vocals
Max Kolesne - Drums
Moyses Kolesne - Guitar

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