Emperor Rising


Well they did it, Swedish band Krilloan which started in 2020 had me turning into […]
By Brynn Kali StarDew
January 11, 2023
Krilloan - Emperor Rising album cover

Well they did it, Swedish band Krilloan which started in 2020 had me turning into a pool of hormones from the first track "Prince of Caledoria". What's even better is the original album art which reminds me of old Mastodon albums. The music is a lot like thrash metal more than Heavy metal, and has a classic stadium rock sound like Styx.  The second track on the album is called "Sons of The Lion" which sounds similar to the first track although I would like to give a shout out to songwriters Holmgren/Bentsson/ and Reynolds for including song lyrics. The lyrics are still descipherable without them but it really helps a lot in the review process. This song is actually really cool! I honestly never would have known if they did not include the lyrics. Ten out of Ten presentation for this element.

Track three on the album "Fireborn" was cool how the intro had a horse whining. There is also a definite Rush sound here which reminds me of their albums "Farewell To Kings" and "2112". I also really love Dragons so I can really get into this track. "Return to Melnibone" almost has a Dungeon Synth like sound with its ambient effects and noises which I do enjoy, however this ultimately reflects a lack of originality. The Title track "Emperor Rising" sounds like the rest of the tracks, but there is more here like printed lyrics so I can actually understand them. There is also a beautiful story here about an Emperor and their noble Dragon Companion, which I highly recommend to my readers. Song number seven "Into The Storm" I think something like this or the previous track "Brothers in Arms" could easily be featured in a movie scene where there is some kind of great battle depicting lots of dragons fighting ariel battles in the sky. Dang if only I were a movie producer.

In terms of Melodic Metal musicianship track eight "Stormlight" is really on point. I really enjoyed the guitar solo of Steve Brockman at '4:00'. Track nine "Angels of Sacrifice" I really love this beautiful track, it almost has a rock gospel feel at 1:42 till 2:05 which was really interesting! I love the Seraphim Angel on their Bandcamp page too LJ Koh definitely deserves some credit here too and so does this band for hiring a professional artist.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Emperor Rising" Track-listing:

1. Prince of Caledoria
2. Sons of The Lion
3. Fireborn
4. Return to Melnibone
5. Emperor Rising
6. Break of Dawn (Brothers in Arms)
7. Into The Storm
8. Stormlight
9. Angels Sacrifice

Krilloan Lineup:

Marco Ignacio Toba - Bass
Alex Van True - Vocals
Steve BrockMan - Guitars
Klas Holmgren - Guitars
Kristoff Brandes - Drums

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