H8 4All


BLACK ALTER vocalist and bassist Shadow founded the black metal solo project KRIEGSGOTT in 1999. […]
By Daphne Minks Daly
February 16, 2021
Kriegsgott - H8 4All album cover

BLACK ALTER vocalist and bassist Shadow founded the black metal solo project KRIEGSGOTT in 1999. German for 'war god,' KRIEGSGOTT has released just four albums in its twenty-plus years. Also known as Dariusz Sieradzki, Shadow is also the owner of Odium Records, "a small, elite, underground label mainly occupied with extreme black metal."

Mixed with ominous orchestral arrangements, the album's opener, "Intro," uses orchestration to build a menacing atmosphere. Playing out its sinister intent to the fullest, "Intro" doles out repetitive and consistent drum patterns reminiscent of a punch in the face.

The title track begins with razor-sharp guitars, a classically non-existent bass line, and moody, understated drums. Cold-blooded vocals emerge as a ravenous barrage of savagery and bloody brutality ensues. "H8 4All" wastes no time in becoming as bitter and ruthless as possible. The irrational rage and utter contempt are apparent in the vocals as "H8 4All" seizes with thrash infused death metal undertones and unrelenting, coarse vocals.

Even by classic black metalist's standards, "Victory Through Intolerance" is a grim track that forces its way in with an unmistakeable malicious intention. The melodic and gloomier aspects take the spotlight on this track, easily making it the album's most diverse cut.

Available on digital platforms, "H8 4All" is undoubtedly slated to be a collector's item, with a limited number of vinyl copies planned for release. A pitiless barrage of violence, KRIEGSGOTT describes itself as "hateful black metal in opposition to modern scene." With that said, "H8 4All" is one of the most penetrating and vicious black metal albums to date. Shadow has undoubtedly made an album blasphemous enough to be worthy of the title 'true Polish black metal.'

8 / 10









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"H8 4All" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. H8 4All
3. Victory Through Intolerance

Kriegsgott Lineup:

Shadow - Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals

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