The Black House


Well, well what have we here? New album from the American band Krieg. ('krieg' means […]
By Andrew Bregoulas
June 27, 2004

Well, well what have we here? New album from the American band Krieg. ('krieg' means 'war' by the way).
This fucking album is Unholy Black Metal War and nothing else (No Compromise!). No female vocals, no synths, no sweetness! Just fast, suicidal guitars combined with perfect vocals which are colder than ice and more rotten than death. The drums and the bass guitar construct impenetrable walls of sound, really one hell of a war machine. Extremely misanthropic Black Metal from hell. This German band knows very well how to create a song .
All tracks have an incredible feeling which will surpass you pain, loss , agony and betrayal. This album reminds me of Heaven In Flames of Judas Iscariot (R.I.P) .This same rotten stuff they play , this is Black Metal  hatred, anger, misanthropy and fucking darkness in one album. They also have one cover for a non Metal band, Velvet Underground, which is quite nice to hear as a song but nothing else.
I don't know what else to say about this brilliant album except...Buy It Or Die!

8 / 10


"The Black House" Track-listing:

Deconstructing The Eternal Tombs
Fleshborn Monolith
Fallen Princes Of Saghtless Visions
A Proces Of Dying
Sickening Voices Without Spicee
Ruin Under A Burning Sky
Without Lights
Murder Without The Burden Of Conscience
Venus In Furs (Velvet Underground Cover)

Krieg Lineup:

Imperial - Vocals
Phaedrus - Guitar & Viola
S.M Daemon - Bass
Thron - Drums

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