The Apocalyptik Road

Krash Riders

From the first notes of "Warriors Of The Road" you know what you are in […]
February 7, 2021
Krash Riders - The Apocalyptik Road album cover

From the first notes of "Warriors Of The Road" you know what you are in for, The heaviest of Scuzzy, Dirty, Nasty Rock music, and fun.  Crack open a six pack or brews, turn the stereo up to eleven and get ready to rock! Born in Bordeaux, France in 2016 Krash Riders have produced their first long player "The Apocalyptik Road", a title for our times if ever there was.  But it not all gloom and doom, far from it.  This rocks hard, it rocks fact and it has balls of steel.  Their sound is a sort of Garage Rock meets MOTROHEAD.  Imagine the MC5 or the STOOGIES lead by LEMMY.

And as for the production, it has just the right amount of dirt under its fingernails to sound authentically bass ass without sounding like it was recorded in an actual garage on a crappy tape deck.  No you can here ALL the instruments like Rock and Roll records should sound. Drums that sound like they are being pounded to death by a mad human, and Bass being used las an instrument with something to contribute to the songs not just to mark time, and not buried. And Guitars played nasty and treated like the dirty things they are! made to wail and howl in carnal ecstasy.

These guys don't know the meaning of the word slow. There's either fast like "Ride Brother", or theirs faster such as "Fuelpower".  The foot is firmly to the floor burning rubber and drinking gasoline like there is no tomorrow. Songs with swagger, like "Hellmade Blues" and "Holy Bastard", Punk attitude of "Straight Zero", or simply as cool as fuck like "Takedown", proper music played by dudes, even if they have silly nicknames.

Heck its all good, not a duff song amongst the 10 on offer on this tasty slab of Rock. Enjoy and Rock Out you dirty Mutha Fu****s

10 / 10









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"The Apocalyptik Road" Track-listing:

1. Warriors Of The Road
2. Ride Brother
3. Holy Bastard
4. Tekedown
5. Fuelpower
6. Hellmade Blues
7. Drop Dead Diva
8. Straight Zero
9. Rock It Out
10 All I Need

Krash Riders Lineup:

Guillaume "Chef" Borde - Vocals, Guitar
Alex "Machine Gun" Berger - Lead Guitar
Yann "Holy Bastard" Forton - Bass, Backing vocals
 Maxence "Mad Max" Rimé - Drums

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